Friday, August 13, 2010

Keyboard Tipe

Basically, the keyboard is divided into three types according to function, namely:

Mono-timbral keyboard (mono = one, timbral or timbre = sound), the keyboard is the one chance can produce only one type of instrument sounds, although it has many kinds of keyboard sounds. For example the sound of piano, flute, guitar, drums, etc.. This keyboard is widely used in professional circles, for example on the band or the record business since this keyboard has a quality and good sound color. Examples of mono-timbral synthesizer keyboard products such as the Roland D5, Roland D 50, Yamaha DX-7, etc..

 Mono-timbral keyboard Yamaha DX-7

 Mono-timbral keyboard Roland D-50
Multi timbral keyboard (multi = many, timbral = sound), the keyboard is the one chance can produce more than one type of musical instrument sounds. For example the sound of piano, guitar, flute, drums can read together. Keyboard arrangement is suitable for cultivation. This keyboard is widely used in recording activities. Examples of multi-timbral keyboard products such as Yamaha SY 77, Roland JV series, Roland XP series.

 Keyboard Roland JV-80 multitimbral

Keyboard Accompaniment (accompaniment), namely the keyboard to go to the / played directly / live. This keyboard includes multi-timbral keyboard that allows us to play some kind of musical instrument sounds directly. This type of keyboard is the most popular because in addition to effective use, But they are varied. Keyboard type, which will be extensively described in this opportunity. Examples of these products such as Roland E series, Roland G Series, PSR Series Yamaha, Korg Pa series, Korg I series, TECHNIC KN series, etc..

Keyboard Accompaniment Roland VA-7

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