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Position of the Body In Drum Playing

Before I discuss the position of the body in playing drums, it would be nice to recognize drum friends first. Especially on the main parts contained in the drum. Articles about the introduction of drums I have ever been discussed. click here to read his article.

Proper body position and correct in playing drums very important to note that each player does not get tired quickly and can be produce good sound.

Sitting Position

Well placed to play the drums, namely the position of the body sit up straight, both hands holding the stick, the left foot stepping on hi-hat pedal and right foot pedal bass drum. Posture relaxed, the range stick to the drum parts are not far away that hands can be easily and freely to hit the parts the drum. See picture.

Hand position in the Holding Stick

In the play a musical instrument drum, how to hold the stick is considered a simple thing, but actually plays a very important role in its use, because in playing this instrument motor sensors on the hands and feet are very dominant. How to hold the stick between right and left hands differ. This is intended to provide the power punches that differ between right and left hand, resulting in a sound with a good variety and harmonization. The position of the hand in holding the stick can be studied in detail as below.

Hold the Stick in His Right Hand 

Stick rod placed / clamped between your index finger and thumb

Then three other fingers holding the stick part rod base
Hold the Stick in His Left Hand

The base stick is clamped between the thumb and index finger

Middle finger and ring finger left hand stick inner rod clamp

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The Best Guitarists In The World and Discography

Joe Satriani


Full Name: Joe Satriani
Official Website:
Place / Date of Birth: July 15, 1956 at Westburry, New York, USA
Group Band Present: Joe Satriani
Group Band Previous: The Squares
Influence: Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore
Guitar: Ibanez JS Series
Expertise: Tapping, Alternate Picking, etc.

Joe Satriani, first learned guitar at the age of 14 years. At the age of 15 years, Joe has been teaching guitar (for 3 years) to some of his students who include Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Larry LaLonde (Primus). Can imagine how quickly Joe deepen tekunnya and guitar.

While teaching in Second Hand Guitar, Berklee, Joe released their first album in 1986 entitled Not Of This Earth. The next year, Surfing With The Alien was released and get the gold and platinum sales. In 1989 Surfing in a Blue Dream was released and reached the figure of 750 000 pieces for sale and into the Grammy Awards nominations. The Extremist was released in 1992 which was also nominated for Grammy Awards and reached number 24 in Billboard charts.

The following year, Time Machine (double CD) is released. In 1995 Joe Satriani album entitled My World was released and the song was nominated Grammy Awards. In 1998 Joe released his album titled Crystal is the eighth planet.

In 2000 Joe released the album Engines Of Creation. On this album, Joe experimented with using the rhythm-rhythm recordings made ​​in the computer. In 2001 Joe released his live album Live in San Francisco.

Besides releasing his solo album, Joe Satriani is also the originator of the holding of G3. Along with Steve Vai, Joe had several times held a G3 concert with other guitar gods like Eric Johnson (1996), Adrian Leggs, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Robert Fripp (1997), Michael Schenker and Uli John Roth with Brian May as a Guest Star for the show in London and Patrick Rondat in France (1998) and John Petrucci (2001).

Joe Satriani has also participated in the project his Merry Axemas Steve Vai and played one song Silent Night, which in arrangement and also re-fill the position of the guitar for Deep Purple in the 1990s .... liberty and justice for all!

Steve Vai 


Who is not familiar with this one guitar god? Games ranging from blues, jazz, rock to classical and ethnic music. Guitar was not limited to the guitar community, but Also for ordinary people WHO do not go into the guitar.

At 6 years old, Steve began studying piano. At the age of 10 years, Steve started learning to play the accordion. At the age of 13 years before Steve began studying the guitar and since then so was born a new guitar god.

Steve Vai started his career with his debut album Flex-Able Leftovers in 1984. In 1990, Steve released his second album entitled Passion and Warfare.Album it gained international recognition and Steve won the Guitar Player magazine reader's poll in four different categories. Steve's third album titled Sex & Religion in 1993 and released his fourth album, Alien Love Secrets was released in 1995. In 1996 the Fire Garden Steve's fifth album was released. In 1999, Steve released his sixth album entitled Ultra Zone. In this album focuses more Steve Himself in the composition of songs and experimenting with his guitar.

In 2001 the album The Seventh Song was released and this album contains the songs slow / ballad ever released Steve with a plus A Few new songs. And in 2001, Alive in an Ultra World was released. Steve Vai Also have produced 2 albums titled Merry Christmas, Merry Axemas Axemas Vol.1 and Vol.2, and the G3 concert with Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson / Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the last John Petrucci Also Contributed to join in the G3.

Lately, Steve Vai focused more experimenting on guitar and Steve Vai band added a bass player now Who is not foreign for rock fans of the 80s, Billy Sheehan. Not sure Pls be his earnest new album released, We'll just wait | liberty and justice for all!

John Petrucci

John grew up in Long Island, precisely in King Park, where he, John Myung and Kevin moore school together. John began to study guitar at the age of 12 years (previously she had learned when he was 8 years but gave up when he saw his older sister had to stay up every night to learn to play the organ.

He did not plan to be like That, he learned to play guitar after school and eventually he became interested again). But he started much affected by a kind of guitar playing from guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads, Iron Maiden, Steve Ray Vaughn, and a big group sort of Yes, Rush, Dixie Dregs and others. He began determined to reach the level of the game like them. As the rise of thrash metal music that makes John's interested, then John also expanded his influences to Metallica & Queensryche.

Needing more of a technical challenge guitar hence He is adapting the hammering speed & melodic style of guitarists like Steves (Steve Morse & Steve Vai), The Als (Allan Holdsworth & Al Dimeola) Mike Stern, Joe Satriani, Neal Schon & Eddie Van Halen. His musical education began with a great music theory class he took in high school. He was self-taught, but he did receive a few guitar lessons he took when he entered the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he learned jazz composition and harmony.
While at Berklee John Petrucci and John Myung who was also studying at Berklee met with Mike Portnoy, and they began to make a band called Majesty which will later be renamed Dream Theater.  

John has recorded 7 albums with Dream Theater, and he was also deeply involved with several side projects such as Liquid Tension Experiment with Tony Levin, Age of Impact, and even a Sega Saturn game called Necronomicon, and also the last he was involved in the project Joint G3 Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Love him in writing lyrics combined with a unique composition style of progressive fusion music Sharpen the form of Dream Theater.

John lives with his wife Rena, and 3 children SamiJo, Reny and Kiara in New York. When he's not playing guitar he spent much time with his wife and his children by playing skating, cycling, exercising and menontong film. John is planning to make the first solo album. His new songs he played while with the G3 also will be on the solo album. Jaws of Life (formerly IBS), Damage Control and Glasgow Kiss. He involves several musicians such as Dave LaRue on 

bass, Dave DiCenso on drums and Tony Verderosa. 

Yngwie Malmsteen


Yngwie Malmsteen was a pioneer who gave birth to the whole guitar shredder that we display on this website. After Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen) was first brought the song "Eruption" in 1978 which introduced the technique of "two handed tapping", Yngwie released his debut album, classical baroque shred "Rising Force" which mengegerkan community of guitar rock, creating a new standard for speed & expertise in the play.

Color "Neo-Classical" in bawahkan Yngwie is based on the structure of the composition of JS Bach (1685-1750) and Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840). After that comes the shredder guitarist who produced many successful albums. Almost every week came a new guitarist who claimed himself as the new guitarist of the fastest in the world. For example: Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Richie Kotzen, Vinnie Moore, Tony Macalpine, Greg Howe, and others.

There was no denying that Yngwie is a guitar hero who deserves thumbs up. Wedding Yngwie father (a captain in the army) and his mother (Rigmor - artist) ended with a breaking shortly after Yngwie was born. In addition, Yngwie also has an older sister named Ann Louise and brother Bjorn. Yngwie was born as the youngest child of wild, can not be regulated and cheerful.

Yngwie initially tried to learn the piano and trumpet, but he can not master the instrument. Acoustic guitar (guitar perforated) purchased by his mother when he was 5 years old are also not touched Yngwie and left hanging on the wall. Until finally on 18th September 1970, Yngwie saw a TV special about the death of Jimi Hendrix. Yngwie There are still 17 years they will see how to produce sounds of Jimi Hendrix guitar feedback and burn his guitar in front of an audience.

On the day of the death of Jimi Hendrix's guitar playing Yngwie was born tsb. Yngwie is curious then bought a cheap Fender Stratocaster, trying to play tembangnya Deep Purple and spent lots of time to learn the secrets of the instrument and the music itself. Yngwie admiration of Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple guitarist) who was influenced by classical music and admiration for his sister who often played composition Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart, to give ideas to Yngwie to combine classical music with rock music.

Yngwie continues to play a full day until tidurpun he still with his guitar. At age 10, Yngwie uses maiden name of his mother "Malmsteen", focuses all his energy and stopped attending school. At school Yngwie known as troublemakers and often fight, but smart in English and art lessons. Her mother is aware of the unique musical talents, Yngwie allowed to stay at home with tapes and his guitar. After witnessing the violinist Gideon Kremer brought the composition of Paganini: 24 Caprices on television, Yngwie finally know how to marry classical music with a skill game and his charisma.

Yngwie and several friends recorded 3 song demo and sent to the CBS studio in Sweden, but the recordings were never ignored or circulated. Because of frustration, Yngwie realized he had left Sweden and began sending her demo tape to various recording studios abroad. One of the demo tape fell into the hands of Yngwie was konstributor Guitar Player and owner of Shrapnel Records: Mike Varney. Yngwie finally got an invitation to Los Angeles to join the new band Shrapnel: "Steeler" and so-called history.

In February 1983 Yngwie depart from Sweden to Los Angeles with the provision of expertise and style of his new game. Next game Yngwie known world with a very fast game in the intro song "Hot On Your Heels". Yngwie then moved to the group Alcatrazz band, a band-style "Rainbow" and was founded by singer Graham Bonnett. Although it has been joined Alcatrazz featuring many great solo in the song "Kree Nakoorie", "Jet to Jet," and "Hiroshima Mon Amour", Yngwie still feel too restricted by the band itself.

Finally Yngwie album sololah think that only the best solution. Yngwie's first solo album: Rising Force (now crowned as rock music book Neo-Classical) managed to enter the number 60 on the Billboard charts stairs to the guitar instrumental music without a commercial smell. The album also won a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Instrumental. Not long after Yngwie was selected as Best Newcomer guitarist in various magazines and media, Guitarist of the Year That, and the Rising Force became Album Best for that year.

On 22 June 1987 close to Yngwie's birthday is the 24th, Yngwie Jaguarnya accident with a car that resulted in her coma nearly a week. Yngwie blood clots in the brain also causes his right hand does not work. For fear that his career would end it, Yngwie with difficulty in therapy to restore his right hand. After that ordeal again Yngwie got from his mother's death from cancer in Sweden who spent a lot of medical expenses.

If Yngwie others, may have given up with such a fate, but Yngwie actually changed and back to her music with great enthusiasm. After that, Yngwie released a best-selling albums such as Odyssey, Eclipse, Fire & Ice, Seventh Sign, I Can not Wait, Magnum Opus, Inspiration, facing the Animal, Alchemy, War To End All Wars Yngwie and finally managed to reach his goal to play with a full orchestra in one of his new album: Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in Eb minor, Op. 1 (in 1998).

When released his album Eclipse (1990), Yngwie was the tour and made a successful concert in Indonesia (Jakarta, Solo, and Surabaya). The plan in July 2001 this will also Yngwie concert back in Indonesia, but canceled because the government advised the USA & his wife will Yngwie political security in Indonesia. Yet Yngwie tickets had already been selling in Indonesia, Indonesia's Yngwie fans may be disappointed.

When else would Yngwie concert in Indonesia if the Indonesian political situation is still like this? His later albums are Attack! which contains a number of instrumental hits of the Baroque & Roll. In 2003, Yngwie was invited to join in the formation of the G3 with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai who spawned 1 albums and 1 video. After finishing touring with G3, he completed his new album Unleash The Fury. The album was released at the beginning of epidemic, 2005.
Paul Gilbert


Paul Gilbert is one of the guitar gods like Steve Vai, Yngwie, John Petrucci other. Previously Paul was known through his band Mr.Big group, which sells recordings Mr.Big helped raise Paul's name in the world of rock music. Paul alone was enough mengegerkan world as a guitarist in the year 86-87 the fastest guitar player in the world when Paul was still joined the group band Racer X.

Techniques have been a perfect game when he had stepped on it 17 years. At age 5 years (1971) Paul has begun to learn his guitar, 10 years later (1981) Paul try sending a demo tape to producer Mike Varney and outside dugaanya Mike really admire his playing alongside Tony Macalpine. In 1984 Paul moved to LA and continued his guitar school to GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) and has now become this prestigious guitar school instructors. In 1986 he joined his first band Racer X with his debut album "Street Lethal", then "Second Heat" (1987) & "Live! Extreme Volume "(1988). In 1989 Paul left the Racer X and joined the band group MR.BIG with a respected bass player, "Billy Sheehan", lead singer Eric Martin and drummer Pat Torpey.

They released his first album "MR.BIG" and MR.BIG debut in Japan in October. Furthermore, Paul launched the next album: "Live! Raw Like Sushi "(1990)," Mr. Big - Lean into it "(1991)," Mr.Big - San Francisco Live "(1992)," Racer X - Live Extreme Volume 2? (1992), "Mr.Big - Bump Ahead" (1993), "Mr.Big - Live! Raw Like Sushi 2? (1994), "HEY MAN" & "The Best of MR.BIG" (1996), "Hard Rock Cafe", "Live At Budokan" & solo "King of Club" (1997).

The song "To Be With You" (from album "Lean Into It") occupied the first position in the magazine Billborad USA for 3 weeks. In 1998 Paul's first appearance in Japan with a solo album. Paul launched a solo album "Flying Dog". In 1999 Paul returned to Japan and launched a second solo album "Beehive Live" and third album Racer X "Technical Difficulties". Year 2003 Burning Organ album was released, this time into Indonesia under the umbrella label Enterprise Staria. But the next album, Acoustic Samurai is no longer in Staria, but moved to Variant Music label. Then Paul held a promo tour of the album "Spaceship One" down to Indonesia. This was greeted enthusiastically by fans-fans, the article of many American artists who withdrew for fear disweeping by certain parties.

Nuno Bettencourt


Nuno Bettencourt is a rock guitarist best in the game ritemnya. Several other guitarists who can match the game ritemnya can count for example: John Petrucci, Darren Housholder and some other metal funk players. Nuno creative techniques in creating new games have been known since the first album the band Extreme and the second group is: "Extreme" and "Pornograffitti". No wonder Nuno crowned the "Best New Talent" (best newcomer) so Extreme launched his second album "Pornograffitti".

In accordance with Nuno own words in the interview-an interview that the ideal is to write Nuno colored funk albums like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and the like. Therefore if you want to listen to Nuno's familiarity as a shredder, then we recommend you listen to the album Extreme: "Pornograffitti". The first album "Extreme" and third album "Three Side Story" is also not less good. Precisely Nuno own solo album and his new band Mourning Widows, not displaying the skill of the game Nuno own.

The dissolution Extreme Nuno quite disappointing fans. In 1982 the first time met Nuno Extreme vocalist Gary Cherone. This is the beginning of the band Extreme tsb. 2 years later (1984) Nuno leave school and concentrate on practicing guitar. Nuno see Extreme drummer Mike Mangini at a club in the Van Halen tribute band, while other bands are resting, Mike played a great drum solo. 1985 Nuno met with Extreme bassist Pat Badger who worked in a guitar shop in Winchester's Jim Mouradian where Nuno always modify his guitar there.

The name of the band they first called "The Dream" before using the name "Extreme" and produced the song "Mutha" who managed to break through the ranks of the song on MTV. Soon their band name changed to "Extreme" and perform at the Mare de Agosto Festival (Santa Maria) in 1986. In 1987, the Extreme won the "Outstanding Hard Rock Act" in the first year the Boston Music Awards. They also won the MTV video contest, which is seen also by record company A & MA & R scout. In September they received good news from A & M record to start recording.

In 1989 they re-referred to as "Rising Star" in the Boston Music Awards. Soon after their debut album was released, but not a lot of attention in addition to being the best-selling albums the first week in Boston, reached ranked 80 in U.S. charts and sold 300,000 copies. "Kid Ego" became their first single and then "Little Girls" and Mutha (donâ € ™ t Want to Go To School Today). Guitar Magazines Nuno crowned as "the next Eddie Van Halen"! Extreme tour to North America and Japan. The song "Play With Me" became a soundtrack of the movie "Bill and Teda € ™ s Excellent Adventure". Then Nuno fill rhythm guitar in the song Janet Jackson "Black Cat".

In 1990 Extreme record her second album "Pornograffitti" in Scream Studios (LA). Guitar magazine gives 6 pages for Nuno. Song Decadence Dance Get The Funk Out was released, but not much is happening. In December the company made guitar guitar Washburn N4 Nuno Bettencourt Signature Series, until now proved kerberhasilan N4 Nuno guitar sales. Nuno initial success occurred in June 1991 when the song "More Than Word" became a hit number 1 in the USA and abroad including Israel, Holland, etc.. Nuno also fill out and become a cover for the video Hot Guitarist Video Magazine Premiere Volume (December '92).

In October Nuno voted Sexiest Rocker in Playgirl magazine and also won the "Top of the Rock", "Songwriter of the Year", "Solo of the Year" (Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee), and "Guitar LP of the Year" guitar magazine "Guitar For The Practicing Musician" Next Extreme released next albums: "III Sides", "Waiting For The Punchline" and then left the Extreme, released a solo album and formed his new band "Mourning Widows". Shredder fans may be disappointed with the release of Extreme Nuno because subsequent albums Nuno colored funk all pure, no longer sounding guitar featuring the skills of Nuno.

Michael Schenker


If a poll was held regarding the "10 best German guitarist of all time", we believe that the name Michael Schenker will include one of them. Even if asked to choose 5 only, we remain confident his name will remain inside. Not strange if you see a football terjangnya lift the name of Germany as a country that has a first class guitarist and able to compete with powerful guitarist from England and America.

Michael and his brother, Rudolf has the same hobby, which is play guitar. Michael got inspiration in music from 2 bands that are quite popular in those days, Wishbone Ash and Mountain. He also had jobs at Transcriber song. Early 70s, Michael joined the band of Rudolf, The Scorpions. Incidentally the game Michael is quite prominent, but when the band released their debut album, Lonesome Crow in 1972 the album was less get a positive response.

One thing to note, when Michael was only 17 years of age. After attending a promo tour with the Scorpions, other band called UFO interested in his talents. Then Michael left the Scorpions and joined UFO guitarist who had just left, Michael Bolton (but not the singer Michael Bolton.) Together with UFO, Michael had released several albums, including Phenomenon (1974), Force It (1975), No Heavy Petting (1976), Lights Out (1977), Obsession (1978).

In the era of Michael Schenker is the name of UFOs can fly and get a wider audience to the American market. Guitar show it as an influential musician. He is also famous for her figure is carrying a Gibson Flying-V with a dimodif body in the paint, half black, half white. But after releasing the album Obsession, Michael expelled from the UFO because of alcoholism and returned to the Scorpions.

He replaces Uli John Roth who earlier in his place when he left the Scorpions first. Returning to the Scorpions, he was co-released the album Lovedrive in 1979. But unfortunately, while undergoing his first tour in America, Michael once again absent attend for alcohol addiction. The album was not accepted in the United States mainly because of the album cover. Michael was replaced by Matthias Jabs of Scorpions eventually become a permanent guitarist to date.

Once out of the Scorpions, he was appointed as temporary replacement guitarist Joe Perry in Aerosmith. After that Michael decided to pursue a solo career by forming Michael Schenker Group or commonly called MSG. In this band Michael acts as the drafter and guitarist. As for the vocals filled by Robin McAuley. Released albums that is Michael Schenker Group (1980), MSG (1981), Assault Attack and One Night at Budokan (1982). Album was enough character to make Ozzy Osbourne guitarist for Ozzy had offered him after the death of Randy Rhoads.

Year of the early 90s, Michael is also briefly joined Ratt to play unplugged MTV. In addition, he has appeared in collaboration with personnel Contraband from rock bands such as Shark Island at that time, Vixen, Ratt, and LA Guns). Then he released the album Thank You (1993), and Unforgiven (1999). In 1995, Michael re-joined the UFO, and released the album Walk On Water, and then in 2002 released the album, Sharks. With a distinctive guitar sound and guitar riffs are catchy as their contribution to the Queen, Brian May became one of the many talented musicians and give effect to the 70s.

Bryan May

He was the son of a handyman service and electronic musicians. He was joined inherited his father's talent in the field of soldering and music. But she was able to balance the interest in the technology and musicians and then proceeded to reach a degree in Physics. In his spare time he took a guitar assisted by his father. This homemade guitar which then becomes a trade-mark Brian May in each appearance.

While still in school he formed his first band, 1984, which is an instrumental band. Their band gigs around the city of London and the opening performance artist / legendary bands like Traffic, Jimmi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and Tyrannosaurus Rex (later known as T-Rex). In 1968, he left the band to focus on his studies at Imperial College. At college, May Roger Taylor often hang out together and then formed a trio hard rock band called Smile.

He also continued his education instead S2 level in math and science majors, but then instead decided to focus on the music fully. Smile Band signed a contract with Mercury Records and released one single that did not achieve success. Then they add a Freddy Mercury on vocals, and changing the position of their band name became Queen. Having worked with several bassists, they finally found and recruited John Deacon in 1971.

Queen later signed a contract with EMI and released his debut album (Queen) in 1973 with the main strength of their album: a combination of Freddie Mercury and opera vocal riffs cool Brian May. Brian May with Queen continues berekperimen by developing their sound. Albun A Night at the Opera was released in 1975 and spawned the hit song "Bohemian Rhapsody", which broadcast musical ability and their prowess as songwriters. Both their next album A Day at the Races in 1976 and News of the World in 1977 also achieved great success on radio and in music stores with their hits like "We Will Rock You" and even "We Are The Champions" from the album News of the World instead be used to track victories in sports competitions around the world until now.

Interestingly, one of the songs from the album News, "It's Late" is a song where Brian May using two-handed tapping and hammer-on as a solo guitar and a year later the new Eddie Van Halen is known for two-handed tapping his own style. May said that the tapping technique that he uses diconteknya from a guitarist of the band club in the Texas area. According to the band's guitarist Billy Gibbons even (ZZ Top), who first used it and it just was him. After Freddie Mercury's death in 1991, the Queen officially disbanded.

Only on special events such as the "Concert for Life tribute to Mercury" in 1992 (raising money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, formed to raise awareness of the dangers of AIDS). Brian May and more focus on solo careers, released Back to the Light in 1993. A year later he released Live at Brixton Academy, whose content is a combination of the songs solo career and from the collection of Queen songs. In 1998 he released an album titled Another World where Jeff Beck joined the guitar fills on the song "The Guvanor".
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Best Brand of DW Drums



Drum Workshop also known as DW or DW Drum is a drum and hardware manufacturing companies based in Oxnard, California. Their slogan became "The Drummer's Choice". Drum Workshop (DW) was established in 1972. Originally intended for studio teaching by Don Lombardi.

However, Lombardi along with the students (at that time the Senior Executive Vice President) John Good, which originally began operations only a small drum-making equipment which is then sold only to cover the operational costs of teaching facilities. Then the operation was developed so as to create the first DW product: height-adjustable trap seat, which was proposed by Lombardi.

Demand became so great after receiving an offer to buy all of Camco manufacturing equipment. The main focus of the DW into the drum manufacturing operation hardware. DW's Camco origins can still be seen on their drums to their unique today in the tower "tuning lugs" round, designed by George H. Way and originally displayed at the George Way drum.

After this, the next big product introduced by DW was the 5000 series nylon strap bass drum pedal, which is actually a Camco pedal with the DW name placed on it. Pedal soon joined by double bass pedal, spin and basic-cable remote hi-hat stand. After additional growth and expansion, the first full DW endorser was found in Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe after he tried a prototype DW drumset when he came to the store to get his pedals adjusted.

DW founder Don Lombardi sitting beside his son,
Chris, the company’s second-generation president and CEO. 

Founded           : Santa Monica , California , USA (1972) Santa Monica , California , USA (1972)
Headquarters : Oxnard , California , USA Oxnard , California , USA
Key people      : Don Lombardi, Pendiri Don Lombardi, Founder
                            Chris Lombardi, Presiden dan CEO Chris Lombardi, President
                            and CEO John Good, COO
Products        : Drum dan instrumen perkusi Drums and percussion instruments

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Best Brand of Tama Drum


Tama Drums is a brand of drums and hardware manufactured and marketed by the Japanese musical instrument company, Hoshino Gakki.

Tama product research and development, along with professional drum production, performed in Seto, Japan, while the drum hardware and more affordable manufactured in Guangzhou, China.

Hoshino has several offices around the world for marketing and wholesale distribution.

Drum Marketing is in the show for the U.S. market are assembled at Hoshino (USA) in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. In addition, the U.S. subsidiary also contributed to the market research and development Tama

is the president of Hoshino Gakki Company, a music company that has 
remained in his family since first opening in 1908 to sell sheet music in Japan 

Founded              1974
Headquarters     Seto, Aichi, Japan
Products             drums, drum hardware
Parent                 Hoshino Gakki 

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Best Brand of Pearl Drum


Pearl Corporation is organized and functions as a wholesale distributor of drums, percussion instruments and flute to the United States. The majority of the drums and related items produced by Pearl Musical Instrument Company and imported directly from factories owned by companies located in Taiwan and China. Flute manufactured in Taiwan and Japan, while the Latin percussion instruments manufactured in Thailand. Pearl Corporation is also the exclusive U.S. distributor Adams timpani and mallet percussion instruments.

Pearl Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pearl Musical Instrument Company, headquartered in Yachiyo City, Chiba, Japan. Pearl Corporation owns and operates a 140,000 sq. ft. permanent facility in Nashville, Tennessee.

This facility consists of offices for management and staff, customer service and sales inside, and warehousing and distribution. Pearl also has operating facilities strategically located distribution in Reno, Nevada and Chambersburg. While Pennsylvania to fast delivery for East and West Coast.

For Pearl stability and competitiveness to be part of the organization. Besides also financially stable to continue to provide world-class products at competitive prices, along with research and development programs that respond quickly to the development and / or changes in the market.

Katsumi Yanagisawa started Pearl in a small factory with
less than 300 sq. ft. and 2 employees in Sumida, Tokyo on April 2, 1946.

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Bass Guitar and Parts thereof

Instruments bass guitar is almost entirely made ​​with solid material. This instrument has 4 strings but there also are using 6 strings with the structure of G, D, A, E and C, G, D, A, E, B.

Electric bass guitar (usually called electric bass or bass only) is a stringed musical instrument that uses electricity to enlarge his voice. Its appearance is similar to an electric guitar but it has a larger body, longer neck, and usually has four strings (electric guitar has six strings).

The weight of the bass itself ideally heavier than regular electric guitar, because the strings are much thicker (to maintain humility tone/ sound) so the cause must choose the wood that is more dense and harder to balance the pressure on the neck (neck guitar).

In addition, the size of the fret (the column on the guitar) that is greater, adjusted for the thickness of the strings.

There are many types of bass who used to date. The most widely used form of contra bass and cello bass (which is used for opera performances), electric bass (commonly used for all types of performances, especially the band) and fretless bass, electric bass the same but no fret (column/ divider on the board press/ neck) on the bass. The working principle contra miripdengan fretless bass/ cello bass just shaped electric guitar.

* Four strings

Usually ditalakan to "GDAE", "GDAD", "GDGD", "DAEB", "FCGD" or "FCGC"

* Five strings
Usually ditalakan to "GDAEB" but sometimes "CGDAE".

* Six strings
Usually ditalakan to "CGDAEB" or "BGDAEB", although "EBGDAE" also like to use.

Tuning the above sorted by number of strings (strings 1, strings 2, and so on), where string 1 is the lowest of bass guitar strings (the thinnest string).

Bass player chosen to use a bass with five strings or even six strings due to more wide range of tones that can be played. Six-stringed bass rarely used than the four-stringed bass and five-stringed bass. Usually, this six-stringed bass is widely used by jazz bassist wing, although not denied the player was rock-some are wearing it, because more and breadth of coverage of tones that can be played.

The Names of the Bass Guitar

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Benefits of Music Listening

Make you-you who like music, know that enjoying music is most reassure activities and fun. But music has many benefits that sometimes we can not guess. What are the benefits of that, we consider the following:

Effect Mozzart 
Is one term to the effect that could produce a music that can increase a person's intelligence. It is evident that if a child was introduced to music as early as possible, then any level intelegensianya average will be higher compared with children who grew up without any introduction in the music. In a certain way otakpun will be stimulated to learn everything through music tones. Oh yes, that wing-music classical music is also great benefits for pregnant women and the baby. That could educate infants and also can provide a peaceful tranquility for mothers who conceive.

Sometimes when the mind is clogged again bored and did not know what to do, by listening to music even for a moment all thought we too can come back fresh. As a result, we are excited about re-doing something that is pending. Thus, direct music can bathe our minds are more complicated.

Motivation is something that can only be born with a certain feeling. If there is motivation, semangatpun will appear and all activities can be done. Try to remember when apple in the morning that are required to sing the national anthem, solely to generate motivation to love the country, recalled the services of heroes and give a new spirit in its participants. This applies also to the rhythm of the march which is a rhythm to sacrifice the spirit of struggle.

Someone Personality 
The development of one's personality also influences and is influenced by the type of music heard. If a child we love to listen to the songs of children, the time is great we too will choose their own kind of music that we like, such as rock, metal, blues, jazz, and so forth. Selection of the preferred type of music can be spelled out to help us to give the feel of life that we need, for example for calm we can listen to jazz, for the spirit we can listen to more rock / metal or for leisure, we can listen to blues or reggae song.

Various literature also explains the benefits of music for health. Even for people who are sick, listen to music therapy can be expected to lead to recovery of the body. It is also being developed to be used more widely. Apparently music is very useful for life. Well this thread made to discuss all things about music, maybe you can give opinions / views you about the music, whether you like the music, meaning music for you, share music that you like at this time, Or Music that becomes your memories on the first. Main e all about music (all about music).

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