Monday, August 2, 2010

History of Electric Bass

If we are asked about who the maker was first electric bass, surely most people will answer or musician Leo Fender. however there are five types of prototypes have not yet so in the know, but an initial design of the electric bass created before fender bass precisionnya introduce to the world in the year 1951.

Modern Bass is derived directly from the double bass, which already exist in the 17th century. However designnya remain the same until the 20th century that changed the design of the bass becomes more simple and practical.

In the 1920s, was Lloyd Loar, who works for gibson, designing the first electric double bass. Bass pickups that use electro-static, but amply for bass frequencies yet developed. so at the moment there is no way to hear the double bass instrument. Beginning in the 1930s, paul tutmarc be the first to fix the size of the double bass become more practical. The first measure is made only for the cello, and using rudimentary pickup,
but the results have excessive weight, and finally repaired the shape more like a guitar. This created a new bass has a length of 42 ", solid body, using black walnut and the piano strings are still equipped with a pickup.

Mid-30s, some music instrument developer - Lyon & Healy, Gibson and Rickenbacker,
- Begin marketing the same experimental electric bass with a prototype basss Tutmarc, fewer large compared with the standard double bass. Bagaimanaupun, bass remained high, do not, have a fret, and at play or stand vertically.

Around the year 1940, Paul Tutmarc jr started producing guitars and bass, including bass Serenader. This production is distributed by L.D. Heater Music Co.., In Portland, Oregon, and became the largest distributor for electric bass. The Genius was named to the bass guitar - which holds a insturumen fret and played horizontally. The main features of these products are:

* Pickup - in design because the double bass is often closed dengen brass section of a jazz band.
* Size - double bass player should be able to travel alone, because of their large size, often missed in each of his journey. With the new design, the bass player can travel and rest with his band.

There was little change in progress until Leo Fender created the Precision bass in 1951. Naming the Precision Bass in due fret bass notes are played followed by precision. Electric bass in this production of Leo fender, many of which produce this shape. In 1957, a pickup in the fox be split pickups, and pickguard and headstocknya also in the redesign.

Year 1960, designing and creating Fender Jazz bass, with two pickups the same size. The popularity of Fender bass, followed by Gibson, Rickenbacker, and Hohner. This is an increasingly making widespread popularity until the electric bass right now.

1959, created the first Danelectro 6-string bass, with a tune EADGBE, and Gibson and Fender to use this idea to make a Gibson EB-6 in the year 1960, and the Fender VI in 1962. Fender also made 5-string bass, first with the title Fender V.

In 1965, fretless bass Aubi from Ampeg created in 1968 and '8 string bass introduced by Hagstroem. '6 Freetless string bass (which is ultimately owned by Les Claypol) created by Carl Thompson in 1978. Because the style of play like slap and pop, the number of strings and wood combinations, and other neck pickups becoming increasingly varied. EMG pickups into a pickup in widest use in the bass.

First time at popularize the electric bass by John Entwistle and James Jamerson in the 60s, Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke in the 70s and Marcus Miller and Cliff Burton in the 80s. In the late 80s visible difference in the popularity of bass, as a fashion used to electornic synthesised dance music. After all the bass we have today is far from the double bass developments

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