Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Isolate (2007)

01. A Darkened Mind
02. Abyss
03. Wither
04. Sane No More
05. Arrival Of Love
06. Zero
07. Mouth Of Madness
08. From Childhood's Hour
09. Ultimate Sacrifice
10. Silence (Japanese bonustrack) 
Release info:
- USA/Canada: Sensory Records (September 04th, 2007)
- Europe/Russia: Frontiers Records (August 31st, 2007)
- Japan: Soundholic Records (October 24th, 2007)

Album facts:

- Recorded at Lionheart Studios, CM Studios, Moving Studios and Noisegate Studios
- Produced by Circus Maximus
- Mixed and mastered at Jailhouse Studios by Tommy Hansen
- Artwork and layout by Mattias Norén/Progart Media
- Logo by Anja Sofie Haugen

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