Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The types of Vocals

Sound in human speaking out when the sound. This sound was born from the vibration of the vocal cords. Any person does not have the same ability in the vocal cords vibrate. Perhaps some people have the ability to vibrate the vocal cords to produce voice tone low and deep. Some others may have a high voice. For the ability it has to be recognized as good by a singer. So that the tone of the song will be sung will not exceed or are less than the original capacity of a singer.

For towing or voices that we hear the singer, kind or type of vowel sound is important to note. Type of voice for women is a high soprano voice to voice, mezzo-soprano voice to sound moderate, and alto voice to sound kind of low. Meanwhile, tenor voice for this kind of high voice, baritone voice for this type of medium, and the bass sound of low voices ntuk type is a type of male voice. If you are able to combine the types of sounds will certainly produce a beautiful sound.


Type of voice that women with high ambitus between tones C1 to C3 is a Soprano. To achieve the level of ambitus was a singer needs regular exercise. While appearing at an event, generally the type of soprano voice more varied depending on the type of songs and performances that will be displayed.

When the sound produced is very expressive and powerful dramatic soprano is usually used. Meanwhile, to generate light and sound so sweet lyric soprano is used. Sound with high ambitus sung soprano with agile can produce dyes.


Alto also known as contralto in the choir. Ambitus to the type of sound level is very low for women that is located between the tone of f to d2. The singer voiced alto voice is generally placed on both the second highest votes in the group. Female alto voice is almost the same as a male voice with a certain ambitus known as counter tenor.

Sung low, heavy, and the other is characteristic alto voice. Meanwhile, some other experts argue, should be sung alto voice with authority. Therefore, a singer who has the kind generally plays alto voice in staging opera drama queen. Possessed with sound characteristics, the role of queen was impressed authoritative.


Not unlike the soprano voice, tenor voice is a voice type with ambitus highest male voice in the classroom. Generally, the tenor voice is an octave lower than soprano voice. Even so, for both types of voice used the G keys. Ambitus the range that can be achieved by the Big B tenor is up to g1. Has a powerful tenor voice characteristics and brave.


Turned away from the type of tenor voice is bass. This type has the lowest male voice ambitus. Generally ranges ambitus bass sound is big and E c1. Profondo Bass, bass Cantante, buffo bass, baritone and bass is the scope of the bass sound.

Deepest bass to the lowest ambitus called Bass profondo but powerful. While Bass is a bass with Characteristics Cantante mild, sweet and has a level of being. Bass is next buffo bass with agile characteristics suitable for comic opera. Bass baritone voice is strong and the upper limit of bass ambitus.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

History and Types of Guitar

History of Guitar

Guitar is in the body there is a string that extends until it reaches the end of the handle of the tool as well as to determine the tone is one of the musical instruments. This one is a musical instrument played by plucking. Of the passage using the fingers to the strings vibrating sound or noise is also removed.

First appearance on the history of stringed instruments was suspected some historians and music coming from the black continent, Africa. This claim is based as much in the area found a device made of shells and round shaped and box. Where there are holes on the outside of the threads that make noise when shaken.

But there is also an expert opinion first guitar came from Central Asia. The reason is the discovery of the stone reliefs of ancient reliefs in which there is image that also resembles the shape of the guitar in Central Asia.

Furthermore, there is another expert who believes that if this stringed musical instrument derived from the Greek. While subsequent historians say the discovery of evidence from Spain with paintings and relics Renaiassance Medievel that there are the images that resemble musical instruments that are well known.

Types of Guitar

Some kind of guitar is now often played by musicians such as:

1.The Guitar Pick

This type of guitar played through a passage in the strings by using a tool in the form of a pick. Form of this instrument there is a round and square and flat three are made of plastic. But the best is made from turtle shells. The main characteristic of this type of instrument is the strings of six or twelve, seven, and ten.

In the development of this type of guitar pick into the electric type. The shape is more and more and varied. Usually the most widely used for this type of country music, pop music, rock music, etc. and to the accompaniment of music or Gypsy Flamenco dance from Spain.

2.Guitar Acoustic

Acoustic guitar is a musical instrument sound results from vibrations of the strings or strings that flows in the saddle and the bridge on the instrument to tie the strings in the chamber or tube sound.

Then the sound will be done on the field or the resonance guitar body made of special wood. The better use of the wood appears sound quality is also better.

3.Guitar Electric

Electric Guitar is one of the stringed musical instrument that produces sound modern and aggressive. Pickup contained in the body to function to change the sound and vibration of the strings into an electrical current. These electrical currents are then maximized its power by means of an amplifier and loud speaker.

The resulting sound is beyond the coil regions contained in the so-called body guitar with a pick up. The musicians usually like to pick up this change to the electronic system by means of creating a more interesting effect and pleasant to hear by ear.
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Analog Vs Digital (Guitar Effects, An Introduction)

Guitar effects there are generally two types, analog and digital. Type analog, is a guitar effect that only uses electronic circuits only. People often call this type the name of 'Stomp Box'. While the digital effect is a blend of electronic circuits by using a memory [a type of RAM, the computer world] are useful for storing data. The advantages of digital effects lies in the variety of sound effects is derived.

Why do people confuse to choose between analog and digital effects? That's because most guitarists think of analog effects produce a very natural sound. While the digital effect feels like a robot.

Longtime guitarist typically prefer to use pure analog with the reason of this effect can produce a very natural sound. But there is also a guitarist who is mixed analog and digital effects, such as Steve Vai. But, many say now is the advanced digital effects so as to produce a very, very natural sound.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both types of securities

Analog effects

- His voice is very natural.

- Is needed because many regular can produce sound that people want and need. It took effect distortion, delay, wah, and some phaser and flanger modulation like, as well as delay, staying in select.

Digital effects

- Her voice can equal analog effects, with less additional amps and a software simulation results can be very powerful effect. Until almost indistinguishable from the effects which the analog and which are digital.
- Very economical and can have various effects only in an effect. Various types of distortion, the type of flanger, phaser, delay, could have a wah pedal and whammy only in a digital effect.

- Programmingnya that complicated. It is like to ngatur gain, have a lot of key presses, and must pass a wide range of parameters. But now too many digital effects that are simple and easy programmingnya.

If it has recently learned to be a guitarist, it is advisable to use digital effects. Obviously the quality is good. Output digital effects like POD XT Line 6 has been very good. Or if you want relatively cheap to buy Digitech. Output digital effects now even its existing USB slot, so the effect can be used interactively with the world of Internet. Setting-setting can be downloaded on the internet. And even the effects it can also be used for recording. So, no need to bother looking for amps and mic for recording. Simply connect via USB only.

Now all is at the choice respectively. Want to sound like its fierce and natural analog effects, or want a powerful yet multifunctional? VMC9G7Q4WUTR
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Way Tuning Bass Guitar

Tuning is the process of determining the frequency standard and frequency equalization between the strings on a stringed musical instrument, such as Bass or Guitar. For Bass or Guitar process is done by setting the string tension over the player (tuning machines) in the head (Head) guitar. Standard tuning on a guitar is E-A-D-G-B-e, to obtain a frequency standard can be used as a benchmark example of a tuning fork A or with other instruments. The easiest and most practical to use an Electronic Chromatic Tuner.

A Tune With a Tuning Fork

Tone strings / string A (string 3) under conditions of open strings / no fret is pressed, the tone is equated with a tuning fork A. further A note on the E string (the string 4, fret 5 is pressed) is equated with 3 open strings to strings, strings as well as D (for 2) equated with the tone of D on the A string and so on.


Tune With a Tuner

Connect the output jacks on the bass and turn the tuner input tuner, picking the strings match each tone with a view indicator tuner. In general, the tuner indicator, a lamp LED, or view meter needle.


Tuned by Fine Tuning the Harmonic Tones

The way tuning to fine tuning technique is the technique of equating tone to a string with another string through the passage of loose strings that lightly touched by the finger of the left right above the fret to 5, 7 and 12. for example G strings on the fret to the 5th fret D string along with the 7. two harmonic tones sound simultaneously. When the pitch is not quite right tone audible sound waves (vibrations). Before the string of equated with the other strings, strings to 3 (A) have been equated with the standard tuning (tuning fork, or other).

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Notation In the DRUM

Different notational notational drums in the musical instrument the other. This is because the drums are musical instruments percusi that is not pitched, so writing notes on the stave is not based on the high and low tones, but based on the type of equipment his music. Note the picture below.

: This sign is also used in the writing of the hi-hat notation (sock cymbals)., but on the hi-hat there is a code of "o" to blow open and the code "c" to blow closed. See the picture below.

o = open (open)
c = close (closed)
(Notation 2, the shape and location of note for the cymbals)
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Video Drum Tracks Tutorial Honor Thy Father

Watch Online: Drum Tracks Tutorial Honor Thy Father

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Types of Human Voice and Respiration

1. Types of Human Voice

Territory or ambitus human voice to sing a song limited to high or low tone. Some are capable of singing in a high voice, there was and there is also are low. Therefore it is necessary to know the limits the human voice, so that in choosing a song can adapted to the abilities. The type and area of ​​sound humans can be divided into:

- A woman's voice, made ​​up of three sounds: soprano, mezzo soprano, alto
- The sound man, consists of three sounds: tenor, baritone, bass
- The sound of children, consisting of two sounds: high, low

2. Respiration

Vital organs that supply air to the lungs voice is. But not many people are using the lung caused by asbestos with efficiently. Interests in terms of distribution and preservation of air for the human body, learn to sing it deserves to be noticed and practiced. Before you can sing well, must first learn to use the air in down the throat. For that in some periods of time have to do breathing exercises in particular. as initial step, a person who will be singing can stand with upright in front of a mirror, where he can see the entire his own body. After that got out of breath as much, then took a deep breath in through your nose so it feels really full. After that breath held between ma a few seconds, slowly all air is removed through mouth by blowing out. Below will be explained about several ways to keep in mind breathing in singing.
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