Monday, August 2, 2010

Ghost Opera [Second Coming]-2008

Track List:
01 - Solitaire (Live in Belgrade)
02 - Ghost Opera (Live in Belgrade)
03 - The Human Stain (Live in Belgrade)
04 - Mourning Star (Live in Belgrade)
05 - When The Lights Are Down (Live in Belgrade)
06 - Abandoned (Live in Belgrade)
07 - The Haunting (Live in Belgrade)
08 - Memento Mori (Live in Belgrade)
09 - Epilogue (Live in Belgrade)
10 - March Of Mephisto (Live in Belgrade)
11 - Seasdons End (Studio Cut)
12 - Pendulous Fall (Studio Cut)
13 - Epilogue (Studio Cut)
14 - Rule The World (Remix)

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