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10 World's Best Bassist

1. Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)

Stephen Percy "Steve" Harris (born March 12, 1956) was an English musician, best known as bassist, band leader and main songwriter of the heavy metal band. In addition, he plays keyboards and sings backing vocals. He founded the band as a teenager in 1975. He and Dave Murray is the only member of the band has appeared on all the band's albums, and as Murray left the band for a few months before the first album to join Urchin, Harris is the only member to remain in the band throughout its duration. He used to work as an architectural draftsman in the East End of London but gave the job of forming Iron Maiden.

2. Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big)

William 'Billy' Sheehan (born on March 19th 1953 in Buffalo, New York) is an American bassist known for his work with Talas, Steve Vai, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big, and Niacin. Big, and Niacin. Sheehan has won the "Best Rock Bass Player" readers' poll of Guitar Player magazine five times to "lead bass" playing style. Guitar Player has likened to playing solo in the four-string instrument to Eddie Van Halen 's on the six-string guitar. Sheehan's repertoire includes the use of chording, two-hand press, the right-hand man "three-finger picking" technique and controlled feedback. However, Sheehan is also noted as a stable "true" bassist, fulfilling the traditional role of supporting the electric bass in a rock rhythm section. He has been a member of the Church of Scientology since 1971 and appeared on the street who offered to maintain during Project Chanology.

 3. Cliff Burton (Metallica)

Clifford Lee Burton (February 10, 1962 - 27 September 1986) was an American bassist known as the bass player of American thrash metal band Metallica. As a bassist he was making heavy use of distortion and effects (some of which are usually associated with non-bass guitars), best exemplified on his signature part, "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth." Burton became an important early influence in creating a unique musical style which Metallica became famous. Burton joined the band in 1982 and performed on their debut album, Kill 'Em All. Burton performed on two albums of Metallica, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets, who both met with major commercial and critical success. Burton posthumously elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Metallica on April 4, 2009. Burton died when the band's tour bus skidded and crashed in Sweden.

4. Michael "Flea" Balzary (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Born on October 16, 1962 in Melbourne, Australia, Balzary and his family moved to Los Angeles when he was still a child. Unlike other teenagers, Michael's first love jazz music (not the expected hard rock), when he concentrated on mastering the trumpet while attending Fairfax High School. It was around this time that he met two other Fairfax students who will ultimately change his life - guitarist Hillel Slovak and poet Anthony Kiedis. The trio soon became inseparable, as Slovak taught Balzary (which at this time was rechristened 'Flea') how to play bass and eventually turned to the wonders of rock music via Jimi Hendrix and punk rock. Best known as one integral member of the '80s-'90s most popular rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea (real name Michael Balzary) is widely regarded as one of rock's most talented bassists. By combining funk-style bass (à la Funkadelic) with psychedelic, punk and hard rock, he created an original playing style that has been copied several times.

5. John Myung (Dream Theater)

John Ro Myung is the bassist and a former member of progressive metal group Dream Theater.Dia is the only member of Dream Theater that has Asia is Korean descent. Born on January 24, 1967 in Chicago and grew up in Long Island, New York.Ibunya often listen to classic music when he was little, and when Myung youths aged 5 years, he took violin classes. Then when John Myung aged 15 years, neighbors mendekatinnya to play bass in bands such neighbors, then Myung assume that bass has four strings with a violin, so he can mempelajarinnya quickly and since then he switched to bass guitar and since then he never again play the violin. Songs ever created for Dream Theater is learning to live on the album Images and Words and the Trial of Tears on the album Falling Into Infinity. he has other projects besides dream theater is Jelly hours.
Geddy Lee is known as a vocalist, bassist and keyboard player for the rock group Rush, which also features drummer Neil Peart and guitarist Alex Lifeson. Rush is the most successful Canadian rock band in history, and is the third most prolific seller of successive (American) Gold and Platinum Records and videos, behind only the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Lee's spectacular ability to play his bass had received a similar reputation with his bandmates. All three share the distinction became one of the most highly influential virtuoso in their craft. He is also famous for its wizard-like ability to play bass when he was to conjure magic from the bass, singing, playing keyboard, and the trigger itself accompanies the pre-recorded during live performances, all the while maintaining his trademark enthusiasm as Rush's "singers".

Tetsuya Ogawa, October 3, 1969 (age 40) was a founder, bass player, and leader of the Japanese popular music group, L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel. tetsu (all lowercase) is also known as a solo artist TETSU69 (all uppercase), numbers reflect 69 years of his birth. But since the beginning of 2007, along with the single release Can not Stop Believing ", the name changed to tetsu TETSU69. In 2006, Tetsu becomes permanent guest for the band Creature Creature, a legendary vocalist of the band's creation Japanese band, Morrie from the band Dead End. Tetsu known for his bass playing an unusual, wild, and tend to elaborate. In addition, tetsu, also known as the artist who dressed the most conspicuous among members of L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel other. In 1999, he had fame with a series Bufallo shoe, a shoe with soles as thick as 15 cm. Since 2003, he preferred using a dress pants and plaid kilts with the same motif.

8. John Entwistle (The Who)

John Alec Entwistle (9 October 1944-27 June 2002) was an English bass guitarist, songwriter, singer and horn player, who is best known as bass guitarist of rock band The Who. His voice directing aggressive influenced many rock bass players. He has been called the greatest bassist in rock music history. Entwistle lead instrument approach was used pentatonic lead lines, and then-usual trebly sound created by roundwound RotoSound steel bass strings. He has a collection of more than 200 instruments at the time of his death, which reflect the various brand name used on top of his career: Bassist Fender and Rickenbacker in the 1960s, Alembic 's Basses in the 1970s, Warwick in the 1980s, and Status of all - graphite bassist in the 1990s.

9. P-nut (311)

Aaron Charles Wills (stage name: P-Nut), (born June 5, 1974 in Indianapolis, Indiana) is an American musician, bassist for the band 311, and music producer / bassist for the band Hollows Follow. Wills was the bassist for the youngest member of the 311. He is the son of an Air Force / Vista Care Hospice chaplain. Prior to joining 311, he had a job as a dishwasher at Shoney's for a week. P-Nut bass guitar playing the violin before. P-Nut was quoted as saying that John Norwood Fisher has influenced him to Warwick bass guitar. He plays his signature Warwick Phase II, 5 string bass guitar through Warwick Jonas Hellborg Amplification System. P-Nut is also a strong supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers, often wearing their shirts while playing shows. When the 311 took a short break after their 2006 Summer Unity Tour, P-Nut started playing with a band called Hollows Follow. He made his debut as a music producer and released the band's first full album First Birthday in June 2007. Along with producing and playing bass guitar for Hollows Follow, P-Nut has recorded the violin, upright bass and various percussion instruments.

10. Les Claypool (Primus)
Leslie Edward "Les" Claypool (born September 29, 1963 in Richmond, California, United States) is a musician, best known as bassist in the band. Claypool's funky, creative playing style on the electric bass mixes finger-tapping, flamenco-like pluck, a Larry Graham-like slap technique, and the influence of Geddy Lee. He is a multi-instrumentalist, novelist, music producer, film director, wine makers, and avid fisherman. Claypool has also self-produced and engineered his solo releases from his own studio "Rancho Relaxo". 2006 saw the release of Electric Apricot full length film written and directed by Claypool also as a novel offering from South Pumphouse.

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