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Symphony X

A Fools Paradise Bass Tab

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

As recorded by Symphony X
(From the 2000 Album V)

Transcribed by Linus "Mr.Gul" Abrahamson

Words by Allen, Pinnella Music by Romeo, Pinnella

Gtr I (D G C F) - 'Bass'

               Gtr I
  W            S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S   S S S S S S S S S S S S Q

  S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S   S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S

  S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S

    S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S   S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S

                                   1.               2.
  S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S   H.      Q        H    H

    S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S   S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S

  S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S   H.      Q

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Symphony X

A Fools Paradise Tab

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

As recorded by Symphony X
(From the 2000 Album V)

Transcribed by Linus "Mr.Gul" Abrahamson

Words by Allen, Pinnella Music by Romeo, Pinnella

x 3 5 x x x
6 8 x x x x
2 4 x x x x
4 6 x x x x

x 4 6 x x x

Gtr I (D G C F A D) - 'Rhythm'
Gtr II (D G C F A D) - 'Lead'

               F5 E5        F5 E5
               Gtr I
                    PM----|      PM----|
  W             S S S S S S  S S S S S S  S S S  S S S

  F5 E5        F5 E5        F5    F5 E5        F5 E5
  Gtr I
       PM----|      PM----|            PM----|      PM----|
   S S S S S S  S S S S S S  Q     S S S S S S  S S S S S S  S S S  S S S

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Johann Sebastian Bach

BWV 995 Sarabande Lute Suite No 3 in Gm

Comments to:



G---5---------|-------------|---------0---|----------|| REPEAT


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Johann Sebastian Bach

BWV 995 Gavotte II Gavotte En Rondeau Lute Suite No3 in Gm

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents my interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research#

Title : Gavotte en Rondeau (BWV 995)
Artist : J.S. Bach
Transcribed by : Kevin J. Manges,
(Formerly and
Downloaded From:
Note: This piece is not as commonly played as some of Bach's other
Gavottes which, IMHO, is all the more reason to include
in your repertoire.
Best Viewed in Courier or Courier New 10 pt.
See accompanying MIDI/MP3 file also at this site.
Updated: 03/28/99 1435 (1st draft)(not yet posted)

Fret position shown above staff.
Finger selection shown below staff.
/ = slide up/down

Gavotte en Rondeau (BWV995)

Transcribed by Kevin J. Manges J.S.Bach

2 3 1 3 1 3 4 1 1 2

1 2 1 3 4 1 3 4 1 1 4 1 3 1 2
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The Greatest Rock Keyboard Players


Born in England, a keyboardist, organist, pianist, dansynthesizer Scenes Canterbury progressive rock.

He started his musical career with the Rose Wilde, before founding Caravan with his cousin Richard Sinclair, Pye Hastings, and out of the first group Caravan 1973-1975.

On the 3rd album he developed organs. The game was showcased Grey and Pink and wrote several songs including the classic song "For Nine 'S Feet Underground", "Job" Dabsong Proper / Back to the Future ".

Become a member of Matching Mole, Hatfield of the North, and Camel in 1978.Recently, the concentration of a solo career, including working on a concert in Japan and made two
solo album, Full Circle and Into the Sun.


Players keyboard, organ, and singer-songwriter of the legendary Rock / Soul band "Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes", in collaboration with Bon Jovi ", he has worked with joined the Chocolate Dar Williams, The Blues Brothers, GE Smith, Gavin DeGraw, and sometimes asked to complete the event Paul Shaffer on The End appear with David Letterman. Its existence as a keyboardist / vocalist / arranger, the group spasial James Taylor, Levon Helm of The Band, Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer and Dog.

Jeff also filled the concert series at The Cutting York City with the name of the Fab Faux kazeedigs later joined drummer Rich Pagano and the Asbury Jukes bassist John Conte fill the selected music performances Elton John's Trio.


Keyboardist and violinist. Eddie Jobson is also known as user synthesizer. He is a member of several progressive rock bands, including England and playing the violin at age 8 years.

Filling in local places such as Redcar Jazz Club. In this place they play Curved Air, Jobson joined where he replaced Brian Eno in Roxy, he wrote "Yesterday Boulevard / Still the Night" opposite in the same year he became a member of Zappa's band before forming super-vision in Jethro Tull, he also managed to make a movie soundtracks.Eddie worked on many projects around the world.

Timothy Drury

Whitesnake band got a boost from her when she was asked to  fill in Don Henley's 'tour Innocence' and has been touring with famous musicians and bands sepertiThe Eagles, Bryan Adams, Melissa Etheridge and Stevie Nicks.

He toured the world to promote "Good To Be Bad". Other musical project is to create an opera collaboration with Jon Anderson, lead singer of the band Yes. New instrumental album "The Crossing".


The player piano / keyboard player who engaged for more than 30 years. At age seventeen, Ronnie Hawkins hired him for the Hawks, who among other members: Levon Helm, Robbie Robertson, Fred Carter Jr., with Stan Will Jones on piano and keyboards. Rick is also a music teacher Danko's.

In the summer of 1984, Levon Helm to play together again as members of the septet of The Woodstock All-Stars.

At the end of the band back together, because they were getting ready to record for CBS, wrote several works of electric piano and can be heard in Jericho, where he also wrote songs and recorded with Roy Mack, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jesse Ed Davis, Delbert McClinton from North.


Giuffria was the initial member of the glam rock / heavy metal band from Washington, DC Angel, formed in 1975.

Jones, Frank Dimino and Barry Brandt issued a debut album, "Angel" in the same year.
With his band he's like Deep Purple and Foreigner. They released the album 'Steel' in 1986.
Cooperation with Simmons Records has successfully toured in Japan, and successfully released three albums. Now Gregg retired from the music business, he became the owner of the Hard Rock Hotel Biloxi.

Known for its tours and recordings with Blue Oyster Cult, but holds keyboard as well as touring with The Brock, Ghost Rider, Moogy Klingman Band, Scarlet Dream Syndicate, Davis, Fernando Saunders, Thommy Price, Rochelle D, Nova-Portrait, Flo, Eddie, Clemmons Clarenc, Rocker Red Bank, also by Fine, Jon Paris, Bruce Pat Travers, Ronnie Montrose, Alex Lifeson, John Steven Tyler, Patti Smyth, Tom Morrongiello, Foley, Tom Nielson, Eric Johnson, Kenny Aaronsen, Robby Krieger, Harvey Brooks, Richie Canata, and Tommy Mandel.

Finally he became music director of All Star Jam at NAMM Winte in January in Anaheim California, and for the last time he toured with John Entwistle.

Tommy is also a solo-career with ZKG formed his own band in 2001.


Thompson began playing piano at a young age and he has been performing in high school Rock. He released a solo album titled, "Power House".

He spends his time to perform, tour and was active in band Tower Power. At the time he collaborated with Santana on "Beyond Chester co, he and Carlos created the songs" Blues for Salvador ". He also gave inspiration during the recording and the song that won a Grammy Award.

In addition, Chester has also worked with Carlos in the nine songs on the album "Spirits Dancing On meats". Often playing with some famous musicians and groups including Wayne Shorter, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Others, and he continues to play an important role in recording, writing songs and performing with Santana.


Although the Americans, Lee Michaels is a talented player organ dominate the recording. First time playing hard rock on the keyboard rather Than guitar, he began surfing group keluardari Sentinals Organ, and The Strangers. In 1965 in San Francisco Nowhere he joined the "Trees" before embarking on a solo career.

He usually only accompanied by a drummer, B.E. "Frosty" Smith or Joel Larson. Hammond Played his usual hard-technique, aggressive in Her game. He released the album "Carnival", then "Recital" a year later.

On the album, "Fifth" he made a breakthrough through cooperation with Columbia Records and released two albums. After That the album "Saturn Rings" and "Absolute Lee By Lee" which was released in 1996.Now he is retired from the music business, a restaurant in Southern California.

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Like the mythical Goddess of Fire from which they take their name, Angra is a band that balances grace and beauty with devastating power. Burning with passionate aggression but also elegant craftsmanship, Angra's classically influenced songs combine heaviness with melodic accessibility, comparable at times to Dream Theater and/or Fates Warning. As evidenced by the success of the band's 1993 debut, Angels Cry, and the 1996 follow-up, Holy Land (as well as three EPs; 1994's Evil Warning, '96's Freedom Call and Holy Live from 1997) fans of progressive power metal all over the world have been enlightened by Angra, and are anxiously awaiting to hear more from the five-piece from Brazil.

Sharing a passion for music played with intensity and a high degree of technicality, the members of Angra certainly did not envision achieving the worldwide success that they are enjoying today. Beginning with extraordinary vocalist Andre Matos (who had left his former band Viper due to creative differences) and innovative guitarist Kiko Loureiro, Angra began to take shape in 1991. Within a few months, a line-up was solidified with bassist Luis Mariutti and ex-Firebox members Rafael Bittencourt (guitar) and Marco Antunes (drums) completing the unit. The five soon entered the studio and created their first and only demo, which was released to wide acclaim and exposure. Since then they have managed to top each previous release with the kind of driving and memorable metal that one could only expect from an act such as this.

With an inspiring mix of traditional power metal sound layered with classical and folk influences, Angra has brought along the right tools to create originality and adroitness, audacity and quality. The band have long been a phenomenon in their home land, and have made huge waves in Japan, France and Germany in the last few years. Angra's extraordinary musical talent, innovative songwriting and wonderful musicianship creates an immediate, emotional impact on even the most seIective of listener.

In 2001 3 new members - vocalist Edu Falaschi, drummer Aquiles Priester, and bassist Felipe Andreoli have joined founding members, guitarists and main songwriters Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt to complete the new lineup of Angra.

The band is currently going through a very fruitful songwriting period. There are several new tracks already completed, plus many others being finalized. The five-piece has just recorded a new four-track demo tape, and all of its songs will also appear on the forthcoming studio album, set to be released in the second half of 2001.

The essence of the musical style that made the band successful worldwide is still intact. Listeners will notice even more powerful guitars, with catchy riffs and memorable solos, vocals with huge feeling, and the thundering rhythm section, that gather the strength of heavy metal with classical influences and typical Brazilian sounds.

Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt, both renowned musicians, have been in the ranks of Angra since its inception back in 1991. Each of the three new musicians were chosen because of his experience, technical abilities, and perfect matching with the rest of the group, both artistically and personally, since the first rehearsals.

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Rebirth World Tour (2002 )

Track List:

CD 1.

01. In Excelsis (Instrumental)
02. Nova Era
03. Acid Rain
04. Angels Cry
05. Heroes Of Sand
06. Metal Icarus
07. Millennium Sun
08. Make Believe
09. Drums Solo

CD 2.

01. Unholy Wars
02. Rebirth
03. Time
04. Running Alone
05. Crossing
06. Nothing To Say
07. Unfinished Allegro
08. Carry On
09. The Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden Cover)

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Temple Of Shadows (2004 )

Track List:

01 - Deus Le Volt
02 - Spread Your Fire
03 - Angels And Demons
04 - Waiting Silence
05 - Wishing Well
06 - The Temple Of Hate
07 - The Shadow Hunter
08 - No Pain For The Dead
09 - Winds Of Destination
10 - Sprouts Of Time
11 - Morning Star
12 - Late Redemption
13 - Gate XIII

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The Course of Nature (2006)


Track List:
01. The Course of Nature

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Aurora Consurgens (2006)

01 - The Course Of Nature
02 - The Voice Commanding You
03 - Ego Painted Grey
04 - Breaking Ties
05 - Salvation: Suicide
06 - Window To Nowhere
07 - So Near So Far
08 - Passing By
09 - Scream Your Heart Out

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Russia  (Saint Petersburg)      1999


Evgeniy Trofimov - Vocals
Ilya Smirnov - Guitar
Alexandr Kulikov - Bass (Azeroth (Rus))
Sergey Rubcov - Drums
Roman Farafontov - Keys


1.An Old Man              
2.Coming Your Way       
3.Pushing The Borders Away   
4.Better Dead Than Trapped   
5.Wake The Bones          
6.Everything For Sale          


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10 Best Vocalist Of All Time

Some people define music as something intangible, but since its appearance all the time until this moment it has given birth to Figure musician vocalist), which increasingly justify the opinion of Aristotle that music has the ability to reconcile a troubled heart, music has rekretif therapy, to be able to nurture patriotism (Depending on the theme) to the listener.

Though not a musician, even the audience itself is sometimes misinterpreted and misused to be a provocation to the means to kill each other (Life) and even to commit suicide though. All of them did not change even if the form of musical beauty.

This time I wanted to narrow the number of vocalist that so many have been making a total of 10 just a really influential in the history of music with the version I own. Tenth vocalist has a different flow in music, period / era and Ras but have one thing in common is an undeniable popularity. I'm sure there are also counter-Pro. So, I just wait my friends commented that if this can improve my writing.

Row names below are not based on rankings compiled


(Born 6 February 1962. Lafayette, Indiana United States) Lead Vocals Guns N 'Roses band from Los Angeles, California United States. Musician who is known as a leader and founder of a successful lift until golden kepuncak GNR align with the other band. Her figure was so dominant, he is controlling all the story line every GNR began his adventures. With Authoritarian nature, selfish and with explosive emotions, not infrequently taxable sebandnya friends kebengisannya spray. One reason is because the band GNR broke up they've had enough of Axl behaviors that are considered selfish. There are ngundurin yourself, there are fired, and there is also a pull due to differences of opinion with him about where the next direction GNR music. During the musical journey GNR, Axl also often make their friends waited until late at night when ngadain concert, the worse is often ninggalin stage amid furious concert for an audience made until rusakin stage! Axl too often "fight" with other musicians, namely Kurt Cobain, Vince Neil, Tommy Hilfiger, Bon Jovi, Velvet Revolver and the Eagles Of Death Metal. Known as a perfectionist person, Axl many of them gave birth to a perfect Masterpiece Sweet Child O'Mine, November Rain to Oh My God ... .. not a few also managed to popularize the old songs back from the older bands they like Knockin On Heavens Door, owned by Rolling Stones. Up to now been abandoned although other personnel, Axl still street with the GNR but with a new sense of cultivating new album too, but until now only controversy surrounding its release just a story that circulated without clarity. This is further strengthened Axl as THE KING OF CONTROVERSY.

2. Michael Jackson 

(born August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana) is a vocalist and song writer from Amerik States. He is known as "THE KING OF POP" and popularized the dance movements "moonwalk", which has become his trademark. Her album was released in 1982, Thriller, is the world's best-selling album, with sales exceeding 104 million copies worldwide, so many of the estimated sales for this one album and according to the Guinness Book Of Records Morld this album sold 65 million copies until taon 2007 . To this day thriller album still sold 130 thousand copies each in U.S. taonnya there. He began his career singing at the age of five years as a member of the Jackson family vocal group (later became The Jackson 5) the bringing forth many Hits like ABC, and I'll BE THERE. The whole album Jacko (EPIC Release) sold tens of millions of pieces next to each album and if ditotal-totalin could number 200 out of million copies sold worldwide.

3. Elvis
AARON Presley 

(January 8 1935-16 August 1977) was a rock 'n' roll legendary United States. He also was a music producer and actor. His nickname is "THE KING OF ROCK N ROLL". Thanks to his songs that combined rhythm of rock 'n' roll with songs ballads, rock 'n' roll obtain a commercial foundation which can be developed further rock 'n' roll successors. In its heyday, Elvis concerts attended mass (mostly teenagers) in massive quantities. Styles, traits, and how dresses has become a symbol for rock 'n' roll fans and much imitated. Until now, Elvis fans still trusted by the dead weight that he have not the alias is still alive, just somewhere where its existence.


Born on May 3, 1933 in Barnwell, South Carolina (U.S.). Brown, who calls himself "Godfather of Soul", also known as "Soul Brother Number One" and "The hardest Working Man in Show Business. Brown continued to perform, at least within a year he was able to hold 100 pertunjukan.Sepanjang his life, Brown has received a series of awards. Call it, two Grammy trophies, a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992, and a prestigious Kennedy Center Honors award in December 2003. Despite a series of steps Hitsnya none touched the highest on the Billboard charts but such immortal songs I GOT YOU (I Feel Good) taon released in 1965, was at number three in the Top Ten. A number of songs can also be enjoyed as a movie soundtrack and tv shows. He has memusiki film BLACK CAESAR (1973) and Living rendition of America for Sylvester Stallone movie, Rocky IV (1985). Living song ... bring him a Grammy award in 1987.

5. Kurt
DONALD Cobain 

(February 20, 1967 - ± 5 April 1994) is a singer, songwriter and guitarist in the Seattle grunge band, Nirvana. With the band's success, Cobain became a national and international celebrities, a position he held with a heavy heart. He is also regarded as' THE burglar establishment. "

In 1991, the rise of Cobain's most famous song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, marking the beginning of major changes in pop music of the kind of music that is popular in the 1980s as a glam metal, arena rock, and dance-pop, to grunge and alternative rock.

Besides writing songs such another Cobain About a Girl, Come as You Are, In Bloom, Lithium, Heart-Shaped Box, All Apologies, and Rape Me.

Cobain married Courtney Love, on February 24, 1992 in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. On August 18, Frances Bean Cobain was born.

On March 1, 1994, after a concert in Munich, Germany, Cobain was diagnosed with bronchitis and severe Laryngitis. He was flown to Rome the next day for treatment, and his wife joined on March 3.

The next morning, Love got up and found Cobain was overdose with a blend of champagne and Rohypnol. He was rushed to hospital and after five days there allowed to go home. Because these drugs problems, Cobain entered into rehab on March 30. On the night of April 1st, Cobain was out for a smoke and then fled from the orphanage by climbing the fence. He then went to Seattle and disappeared.

On April 3, Love contacted a private investigator, Tom Grant, and hired him to find Cobain. On April 8, 1994, Cobain's body was found in a room above his garage in Lake Washington by Veca Electric employee Gary Smith named. Autopsies later estimates Cobain died on April 5, 1994.


(December 8, 1943 - July 3, 1971) was a great singer, poet, songwriter, author, and filmmaker. He is best known as a singer the band The Doors, and the whole world mengengenangnya as the most charismatic figures and most influential in the history of world music. He is also known buku-buku/kumpulan a writer of poems and short and documentary film director. By The Doors, Morrison bringing forth six albums, all certified Platinum by the RIAA. Single people who had perched on top of the charts is Light My Fire and Hello, I Love You. No less a Scott Weiland, STP and Velvet Revolver lead singer Scott Stapp and Creed of the band claim to be affected ato was inspired by Jim Marrison.

7. Paul David Hewson 

(born May 10, 1960), his nickname Bono Vox, stage name Bono, is the main vocalist of the Irish rock band, U2. Since the mid 80's Bono has been actively raising funds through concerts BAND AID and perform again in concert LIVE AID and LIVE 8. Since 1999, he became increasingly involved in campaigning Third World debt relief and suffering AFRICA. besides taking care of his band, Bono formed an organization called "DATA" which stands for Debt, Aids, Trade in Africa (Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa). The focus of this organization is to raise awareness about what is claimed as a debt of Africa which can not be paid, Aids and uncontrolled trade rules that hurt the poor continent. In February 2006, Bono recorded among 191 people nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace.
In musical matters Bono and U2 really are in the top right of The Joshua Tree was released in 1987. This album captured the number one position in the list of best-selling British album in a very short time, and then start reaching the United States and survive up to nine weeks. Because of its flagship song really dominate, U2 had become the main report with a title of Time magazine's hottest ROCK TICKETS. This honor is earned by only two other bands, The Beatles and The Who.

Now, it's nearly 30 years work, U2 was still prosper as one of the most influential bands in the world and received various awards, including two Grammy Awards fruit.

8. SIR

(Born July 26, 1943) was a rock musician, actor, songwriter, producer, and British businessmen. He is primarily known as the lead vocalist for a band called The Rolling Stones. Anyone would know who the owner of Dower's lips, which had reached the age of 65 taon still able to continue touring the world with their band. 26 September 2007, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones concert ticket sales to print 437 million dollars over the spread of A Bigger Bang Tour, and promised never to retire ... "I'm sure the Rolling Stones will do more things again and continued to record and continues tour . Our guns have stopped the plan's realities. 

9. John Lennon 

(October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980) is best known as singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, writer and political activist known worldwide as the leader of the Beatles. Lennon and Paul McCartney formed a partnership, the most successful songwriter and successful to date. Lennon and McCartney with the optimism sinismenya complement each other very well. After the breakup of the Beatles in 1970, he was also successful with his solo career. Hitsnya one which until now still widely known is Imagine, a song which became a hymn salh world peace.

Lennon also showed its rebellious and cynical humor in movies like A Hard Day's Night (1964), in which he wrote books such as In His Own Write, press conferences and interviews. He uses his popularity to its activities as a peace activist, artist and writer.

Lennon married twice, by Cynthia Powell in 1962 and the Japanese artist Yoko Ono in 1969. He has two children, Julian Lennon (born 1963) and Sean Taro Ono Lennon (born 1975). He died in New York at the age of 40 years, was shot by Mark Chapman, the crazy fans.


(Born 3 August 1963, Downey, California) is the main songwriter (with drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Kirk Hammett sometimes), co-founder, vocalist and rhythm guitar of the band's thrash / heavy metal band Metallica ... America. Because the intension of creating songs and rock music mix which still pleasant to hear but I did not wrong if it gets predicate Band THE KING OF heavy / thrash metal band thtash compare before and after them. Ngga few new bands that are obviously very influenced from the music scene and also the style of Metallica. But all that does not undermine their position of greatness James Hetfield also in generating new works. Now they are finishing their new album DEATH MAGNETIC immediate release in September this year also (2008). Their works continue to be hunted his fans but I did not wonder if today the sale of their old albums still sell like hotcakes just like Metallica-Black album too and Justice For All.
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15 Best World Drummer

1. Akira Jimbo 

Akira Jimbo was born on 27 February 1959 in Tokyo, Japan. he's homage to jazz fusion drummer, is to merge the features hasnya acoustic drums with drum elektric, so that may be emitted from a single drum instrument bermacam2 music, like piano, bass, guitar, etc.. Akira Jimbo currently incorporated in japanesse jazz fusion, and has cooperated with bassist Brian Bromberg.

Akira Jimbo was born on 27 February 1959 in Tokyo, Japan. he's homage to jazz fusion drummer, is to merge the features hasnya acoustic drums with drum elektric, so that may be emitted from a single drum instrument bermacam2 music, like piano, bass, guitar, etc.. Akira Jimbo currently incorporated in japanesse jazz fusion, and has cooperated with bassist Brian Bromberg.

2. Thomas Lang

Thomas lang was born in Vienna and grew up in Stockerau a small town in Austria. He started playing drums when he was five years old and after several years of private drum, drummer, he chose to become independent, thomas lang drummer ever became of the famous singers and bands such as Geri Halliwell, Robbie Williams, John Wetton, B * Witched, Bonnie Tyler, Billy Liesegang, The Clash, Falco, Steve Hackett, Nik Kershaw, Robert Fripp, Gianna Nannini, Lighthouse Family, Boyzone, Ronan Keating, Westlife, Kylie Minogue, and Asia, Robert Trujillo, Ian Dury, The Blockheads, Cathy O'Meara, Save The Robots, etc. The Vienna Art Orchestra.

thomas lang using resonant drums and cymbals MEINL. and he was also known for his trick of playing stick game stick when playing the drums. Meinl: the 16 "Synthetik Crash, 17" Kompressor Crash, 18 "Kinetic Crash, 18" Signal Crash / Ride Club, and Filter Chinas Which come in even sizes Between 8 "and 16"

Born on 8 January 1960, homage to jazz fusion with a high level. he had been a drummer from the band Rhythm of the Soul, Synergy, Transition, The Zone, Perpetual Motion, Live (And Very Plugged In), Multiplicity.dan singers such as Paul Simon, Madonna, George Benson, Michel Camilo and Anthony Jackson. and have issued several manuals to play drums.

3. Neil Ellwood Peart

Neil Ellwood Peart was born on 12 september 1952, is a musician who comes from canada. he was famous as the drummer and the creator of the lyrics from the rock band "Rush". now he is playing as a drummer more independent. and produces a very attractive instrumen2 drums.

born in california. after graduating from music school in 1969, he began recording and touring with Frank Zappa. she chose the setting of melodic drum estonato (I also understand gan ga). terry bozzio can also tell the teachers from Marco Minnemann, Thomas Lang, Mike Mangini and Chris Utter. He makes drums with characteristic setting has on every tom "has the tone, so that he can make the composition of the orchestra of drums with the polyrhythms and metric modulations. and the drum kit is named (SS BOZZIO).

4. Michael Stephen Portnoy

Michael stephen Portnoy was born on 20 April 1967 in the U.S.. he was famous as the drummer and backing vocals to progressive rock band "Dream Theater". he's already won 23 awards from the drum magazine "modern drummer magazine." He is the second youngest drummer who got his hall of fame (age 37) after Neil Peart

5. Travis Barker

Travis Landon Barker was born on 14 november 1975 in the U.S.. homage to pop punk, famous since replacing previous drummer for blink 182 scott in 1998. he also joined in the side bands such as +44, Box car racer, transplants, expensive.

6. Nathan Jonas Jordison

born on 26 April 1975, he was one of the founders of the band a Grammy Award-winning metal band "Slipknot", was once also a drummer from a group of bands, including Metallica, Korn, Ministry, Satyricon, OTEP, System of a Down, Marilyn Manson and three Inches of Blood.

7. Andreavadruci

Andrea was born in 1983 d vadruci Lecce (italy) is a famous drummer who passed the youtube site. first time playing the drums at the age of 10 years. He is known for playing super mario bross drum cover. in November 2007, Andrea won the "Drummer of Tomorrow" Italian competition "technical section," hosted by Mapex Drums and Casale Bauer.

8. Yukihiro

yukihiro born on 28 November 1968 in Chiba (near Tokyo). he is the drummer of the Japanese rock band L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel, replacing previous drummer "sakura" in 1998. previously he was the drummer of Zi: Kill, famous rock bands during 1989.

9. Chad Smith

Born on 25 October 1961. is the drummer of the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and supergroup Chickenfoot. on the image to-2, Chad smith is doing efforts to solve record plays + / -
300 drum instruments.

10. Alex Van Halen

Alexander Arthur Van Halen was born to January and Eugenia van Halen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on May 8, 1953. Shortly after Edward was born, the Van Halen family MOVED to Nijmegen.

On February 22, 1962, the Van Halen family left Holland, Standard Chartered Bank after receiving letters from relatives describing the wonders of California. Were In A Few Possession on their suitcases, 75 guilders and a piano. The trip took nine days by boat to New York, followed by another four days by train to California. Some time after on their arrival in the United States, they want on their last name changed from Van Halen, to Van Halen.

11. Phill Collins

born on 30 January 1951 d london. he is a songwriter, drummer, keybordis, and vocalist. tp he was most famous as the drummer and vocalist of the band Bahasa progressive rock group "Genesis".

12. Bill Burford

William Scott Bruford was born 17 May 1949 in Sevenoaks, Kent. he is the original drummer of successful rock bands progressive "yes", had also become a drummer smentara band "Genesis" for six months, in order to tour in 1970. In 1972-1997, he became the drummer of progressive rock band King Crimson. then he changed the flow of progressive rock to jazz for several years until he retired from the band at 2009

13.Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich was born on 26 december 1963, until this dy known as the drummer for heavy metal band Metallica.

14.Yoshiki Hayashi

Born on 20 november 1965. he is a musician, songwriter, producer famous in Japan, dy famous drummer of the band since the sender of the letter X-japan, and also incorporated in the super group SKIN and he is one musician who get awards from the emperor gara2 ngecompose song for the royal event

15.Gilang Ramadan

Gilang Ramadan was born in Bandung, May 30, 1963. continue his studies in the United States at the Hollywood Professional School, the Music Department in 1980-1982. At almost the same the year 1981-1984 to study in Los Angeles Gilang City College (LACC), majored in percussion. Gilang had played in several bands in America, among others, joined the LACC homage to Big Band jazz mainstream in 1983. and now he officially became the drummer for the band's legendary "god bless". he is an Indonesian satu2nya drummer who is sponsored by Zildjian n d yamaha drums.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Lord Of Mushrooms


This French quintet from Nice began covering bands such as SPOCK'S BEARD and MARILLION as well as the heavier RUSH and DREAM THEATER, influences that pop up on their eponymous album, released in 2002. The band consists of highly skilled musicians with instrumental chops to spare such as guitarist Laurent James, a disciple of Frédéric L'épée (SHYLOCK, PHILHARMONIE), whose jazzy lines will remind you of John Goodsall from BRAND X. The other members are keyboardist Quentin Benayoun, drummer Volodia Brice, bassist Julien Negro, and frontman Julien Vallespi who sounds a bit like Gary Chandler of JADIS and sings in a totally unaccented (American) English.

Their album shows a typical American approach to composing, with light-jazz sounds that give the music a bit of a "lounge" or "easy listening" feel. Simultaneously complex and catchy, intricate yet accessible, their pieces are a refreshing mixture of fusion, hard prog, melodic prog and some metal, all gelling naturally. Not the most challenging type of music by any means but complex enough to stand repeated listenings, and surprisingly mature for a first effort, thanks to the excellent musicianship from the entire crew and a top-notch production.

Particularly recommended to art rock fans who appreciate high technical proficiency. Could also please JADIS fans, although the LORD OF MUSHROOMS' style is much more complex.

: : : Lise (HIBOU), CANADA : : : 

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Seven Deadly

     The Bewitching Air
     The Tempest
     Paylee Conol

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

10 The Legendary World Music

1. "Blackie" Eric Clapton

In 1970, when visiting one music store in Nashville, Clapton saw a shelf full of old Fender. He then bought six guitars worth $ 100 per guitar. Once returning to England, he gave three guitar to George Harrison, Pete Townshend, and Steve Winwood, and the three remaining saved himself. Clapton then perform experiments to create a "Super Start" from the best parts of each guitar. The result is a Stratocaster "Blackie" Legendary named because the color is black guitar

2. Strat "Woodstock" Jimmy Hendrix

Throug hout the life of a short, Jimmy is able to change the sound of his guitar rock by the way the game's most innovative and extraordinary natural talent he had. Hendrix often famous "sacrificed" his guitar by way of burning it. Well, untugnya, in 1968, he played Stratocasters survived the fire.

After Jimmy died in 1970, this guitar is stored in warehouse until it was sold to one of the founders of Microsoft, Paul Allen at an auction for $ 1.3 Million!

3. "Frankenstrat" Eddie Van Halen

The musicians are still divided the two guitars in saying which one is best, whether Fender or Gibson. Eddie Van Halen, taking practical steps, he combines both guitar into his legendary guitar Frankenstat.

In the era of the 70s, Van Halen can afford to buy a guitar body for $ 50 because there are eyes in the wood had guitar body. Then he found a maple neck guitar for $ 80, so the price was as high as $ 130 guitar (70s lho!). Then he uses a variety of materials, including paint a bike, and candles to give a unique appearance on his Frankenstrat this!

4. "Miss Pearly Gates" Billy Gibbons

Billy Gibbons's guitar picking is one of the Les Paul guitar in 1959 the most preferred by Billy delivered a collection of his amazing guitar a lot.

His story, Billy gave the Packard in 1930 to Renee Thomas, a friend to accompany a movie audition. When Renee finally got the role, Renee and her band half-jokingly dubbed the car is "Pearly Gates" because it is considered to have the power of God. Renee finally sell the car, and send the money to Billy. Right in the day when he received a call about the 1959 Les Paul Sunburst guitar which is found under someone's bed. Billy eventually fall in love with his Gibson guitar and finally bought a guitar the same day and named the guitar the "Miss Pearly Gates"

5. "Old Black" Neil Young

Gibson Les Paul 1953's Neil Young was gained in 1969 from Jim Messina, a musician. Old Black, this name is obtained from the guitars that were painted black. Originally this guitar is colored gold, and later in black paint and finally make Neil guitar tech, Larry Cragg headaches. This guitar should be in the stem often repeated, until a solution to replace the fingerboard to make it more stable also rejected. But the number of these typical, Old Black is able to create a voice which until now is very typical. "The voice that made nothing like the other guitar," said Larry

 6. "Trigger" Willie Nelson

In 1969, Willie Nelson sent his guitar in for repair in Nashville. Guitar repair shop owner says that he can not improve the guitar Willie, and finally offer a guitar for Willie Martin. Willie buy the Martin N-20 is worth $ 750 by phone, and without having seen this guitar. Once sent, Willie falls in love and named the guitar "Trigger", a beloved horse Rogder Roy.

Willie often played music with Trigger until finally perforated. But in fact created a unique sound that makes Willie increasingly falling in love and finally she let this without improved and continues to be used for play.

7. "Lenny" Stevie Ray Vaughan
In 1980, Stevie Ray Vaughan Fender Stratocaster guitar in 1965 found it in pawn shops in Austin, Texas, and immediately fell in love with this ancient instrument. Unfortunately, at that time she had no money of $ 350, according to the desired price. Finally, Lenora, wife Stevie helped by collecting $ 50 from seven of their closest friends and eventually bought a guitar as a birthday gift Stevie. Once terpesonanya Stevie until finally he had not slept all night and write songs, and when Lenora "Lenny" woke up, she played "Lenny" on the guitar to his beloved wife.

8. George Harrison 

Taken from the name of Lucille Ball, one of the distinguished comedian, guitarist Les Paul 57 was granted by Eric Clapton to George Harrison in 1968. Clapton played guitar on recordings "Gently Weeps While My Giutar."

In the 70s, this guitar was stolen from George's house and ended at the hands of a music player from Mexico who purchased this guitar from a music store in California before returning to Mexico. George finally managed to get back his favorite guitar by exchanging the 58 Les Paul guitar and bass guitar, and this guitar stays in his hands until his death in 2001.

9. "Micawber" Keith Richards

The name is taken from one of the characters in the books of Charles Dickens. Micawber has become the main guitar Keith. When asked the meaning behind this strange name, Keith always answer "No reason why his name Micawber, do odd name because aja. So when I shout 'Micawber' people would immediately know what I mean."

1952 Fender Telecaster tone is always tuned in G, so it will always be ready to sing "Before They Make Me Run," "Brown Sugar," and "Honky Tonk Women."

10. B. B. King (born Riley B. King, September 16, 1925)

On one night in the 50s, BB King was playing at the Twist, Arkansas. In this period, a common habit is to turn a barrel of kerosene to heat the building. Unfortunately on that night a fight broke out between some locals and cans of kerosene had been spilled and made a big fire.

Arriving at the place safe, BB realized that his guitar had been left in the room. He was desperate, run away and take his guitar before the roof collapsed buildings. Then a new note that arguments happen because of the struggles of a woman named "Lucille." And since then, guitarist BB King was named Lucy, to remind the BB to never fight to snatch a woman.
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