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10 The Legendary World Music

1. "Blackie" Eric Clapton

In 1970, when visiting one music store in Nashville, Clapton saw a shelf full of old Fender. He then bought six guitars worth $ 100 per guitar. Once returning to England, he gave three guitar to George Harrison, Pete Townshend, and Steve Winwood, and the three remaining saved himself. Clapton then perform experiments to create a "Super Start" from the best parts of each guitar. The result is a Stratocaster "Blackie" Legendary named because the color is black guitar

2. Strat "Woodstock" Jimmy Hendrix

Throug hout the life of a short, Jimmy is able to change the sound of his guitar rock by the way the game's most innovative and extraordinary natural talent he had. Hendrix often famous "sacrificed" his guitar by way of burning it. Well, untugnya, in 1968, he played Stratocasters survived the fire.

After Jimmy died in 1970, this guitar is stored in warehouse until it was sold to one of the founders of Microsoft, Paul Allen at an auction for $ 1.3 Million!

3. "Frankenstrat" Eddie Van Halen

The musicians are still divided the two guitars in saying which one is best, whether Fender or Gibson. Eddie Van Halen, taking practical steps, he combines both guitar into his legendary guitar Frankenstat.

In the era of the 70s, Van Halen can afford to buy a guitar body for $ 50 because there are eyes in the wood had guitar body. Then he found a maple neck guitar for $ 80, so the price was as high as $ 130 guitar (70s lho!). Then he uses a variety of materials, including paint a bike, and candles to give a unique appearance on his Frankenstrat this!

4. "Miss Pearly Gates" Billy Gibbons

Billy Gibbons's guitar picking is one of the Les Paul guitar in 1959 the most preferred by Billy delivered a collection of his amazing guitar a lot.

His story, Billy gave the Packard in 1930 to Renee Thomas, a friend to accompany a movie audition. When Renee finally got the role, Renee and her band half-jokingly dubbed the car is "Pearly Gates" because it is considered to have the power of God. Renee finally sell the car, and send the money to Billy. Right in the day when he received a call about the 1959 Les Paul Sunburst guitar which is found under someone's bed. Billy eventually fall in love with his Gibson guitar and finally bought a guitar the same day and named the guitar the "Miss Pearly Gates"

5. "Old Black" Neil Young

Gibson Les Paul 1953's Neil Young was gained in 1969 from Jim Messina, a musician. Old Black, this name is obtained from the guitars that were painted black. Originally this guitar is colored gold, and later in black paint and finally make Neil guitar tech, Larry Cragg headaches. This guitar should be in the stem often repeated, until a solution to replace the fingerboard to make it more stable also rejected. But the number of these typical, Old Black is able to create a voice which until now is very typical. "The voice that made nothing like the other guitar," said Larry

 6. "Trigger" Willie Nelson

In 1969, Willie Nelson sent his guitar in for repair in Nashville. Guitar repair shop owner says that he can not improve the guitar Willie, and finally offer a guitar for Willie Martin. Willie buy the Martin N-20 is worth $ 750 by phone, and without having seen this guitar. Once sent, Willie falls in love and named the guitar "Trigger", a beloved horse Rogder Roy.

Willie often played music with Trigger until finally perforated. But in fact created a unique sound that makes Willie increasingly falling in love and finally she let this without improved and continues to be used for play.

7. "Lenny" Stevie Ray Vaughan
In 1980, Stevie Ray Vaughan Fender Stratocaster guitar in 1965 found it in pawn shops in Austin, Texas, and immediately fell in love with this ancient instrument. Unfortunately, at that time she had no money of $ 350, according to the desired price. Finally, Lenora, wife Stevie helped by collecting $ 50 from seven of their closest friends and eventually bought a guitar as a birthday gift Stevie. Once terpesonanya Stevie until finally he had not slept all night and write songs, and when Lenora "Lenny" woke up, she played "Lenny" on the guitar to his beloved wife.

8. George Harrison 

Taken from the name of Lucille Ball, one of the distinguished comedian, guitarist Les Paul 57 was granted by Eric Clapton to George Harrison in 1968. Clapton played guitar on recordings "Gently Weeps While My Giutar."

In the 70s, this guitar was stolen from George's house and ended at the hands of a music player from Mexico who purchased this guitar from a music store in California before returning to Mexico. George finally managed to get back his favorite guitar by exchanging the 58 Les Paul guitar and bass guitar, and this guitar stays in his hands until his death in 2001.

9. "Micawber" Keith Richards

The name is taken from one of the characters in the books of Charles Dickens. Micawber has become the main guitar Keith. When asked the meaning behind this strange name, Keith always answer "No reason why his name Micawber, do odd name because aja. So when I shout 'Micawber' people would immediately know what I mean."

1952 Fender Telecaster tone is always tuned in G, so it will always be ready to sing "Before They Make Me Run," "Brown Sugar," and "Honky Tonk Women."

10. B. B. King (born Riley B. King, September 16, 1925)

On one night in the 50s, BB King was playing at the Twist, Arkansas. In this period, a common habit is to turn a barrel of kerosene to heat the building. Unfortunately on that night a fight broke out between some locals and cans of kerosene had been spilled and made a big fire.

Arriving at the place safe, BB realized that his guitar had been left in the room. He was desperate, run away and take his guitar before the roof collapsed buildings. Then a new note that arguments happen because of the struggles of a woman named "Lucille." And since then, guitarist BB King was named Lucy, to remind the BB to never fight to snatch a woman.

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