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The Greatest Rock Keyboard Players


Born in England, a keyboardist, organist, pianist, dansynthesizer Scenes Canterbury progressive rock.

He started his musical career with the Rose Wilde, before founding Caravan with his cousin Richard Sinclair, Pye Hastings, and out of the first group Caravan 1973-1975.

On the 3rd album he developed organs. The game was showcased Grey and Pink and wrote several songs including the classic song "For Nine 'S Feet Underground", "Job" Dabsong Proper / Back to the Future ".

Become a member of Matching Mole, Hatfield of the North, and Camel in 1978.Recently, the concentration of a solo career, including working on a concert in Japan and made two
solo album, Full Circle and Into the Sun.


Players keyboard, organ, and singer-songwriter of the legendary Rock / Soul band "Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes", in collaboration with Bon Jovi ", he has worked with joined the Chocolate Dar Williams, The Blues Brothers, GE Smith, Gavin DeGraw, and sometimes asked to complete the event Paul Shaffer on The End appear with David Letterman. Its existence as a keyboardist / vocalist / arranger, the group spasial James Taylor, Levon Helm of The Band, Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer and Dog.

Jeff also filled the concert series at The Cutting York City with the name of the Fab Faux kazeedigs later joined drummer Rich Pagano and the Asbury Jukes bassist John Conte fill the selected music performances Elton John's Trio.


Keyboardist and violinist. Eddie Jobson is also known as user synthesizer. He is a member of several progressive rock bands, including England and playing the violin at age 8 years.

Filling in local places such as Redcar Jazz Club. In this place they play Curved Air, Jobson joined where he replaced Brian Eno in Roxy, he wrote "Yesterday Boulevard / Still the Night" opposite in the same year he became a member of Zappa's band before forming super-vision in Jethro Tull, he also managed to make a movie soundtracks.Eddie worked on many projects around the world.

Timothy Drury

Whitesnake band got a boost from her when she was asked to  fill in Don Henley's 'tour Innocence' and has been touring with famous musicians and bands sepertiThe Eagles, Bryan Adams, Melissa Etheridge and Stevie Nicks.

He toured the world to promote "Good To Be Bad". Other musical project is to create an opera collaboration with Jon Anderson, lead singer of the band Yes. New instrumental album "The Crossing".


The player piano / keyboard player who engaged for more than 30 years. At age seventeen, Ronnie Hawkins hired him for the Hawks, who among other members: Levon Helm, Robbie Robertson, Fred Carter Jr., with Stan Will Jones on piano and keyboards. Rick is also a music teacher Danko's.

In the summer of 1984, Levon Helm to play together again as members of the septet of The Woodstock All-Stars.

At the end of the band back together, because they were getting ready to record for CBS, wrote several works of electric piano and can be heard in Jericho, where he also wrote songs and recorded with Roy Mack, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jesse Ed Davis, Delbert McClinton from North.


Giuffria was the initial member of the glam rock / heavy metal band from Washington, DC Angel, formed in 1975.

Jones, Frank Dimino and Barry Brandt issued a debut album, "Angel" in the same year.
With his band he's like Deep Purple and Foreigner. They released the album 'Steel' in 1986.
Cooperation with Simmons Records has successfully toured in Japan, and successfully released three albums. Now Gregg retired from the music business, he became the owner of the Hard Rock Hotel Biloxi.

Known for its tours and recordings with Blue Oyster Cult, but holds keyboard as well as touring with The Brock, Ghost Rider, Moogy Klingman Band, Scarlet Dream Syndicate, Davis, Fernando Saunders, Thommy Price, Rochelle D, Nova-Portrait, Flo, Eddie, Clemmons Clarenc, Rocker Red Bank, also by Fine, Jon Paris, Bruce Pat Travers, Ronnie Montrose, Alex Lifeson, John Steven Tyler, Patti Smyth, Tom Morrongiello, Foley, Tom Nielson, Eric Johnson, Kenny Aaronsen, Robby Krieger, Harvey Brooks, Richie Canata, and Tommy Mandel.

Finally he became music director of All Star Jam at NAMM Winte in January in Anaheim California, and for the last time he toured with John Entwistle.

Tommy is also a solo-career with ZKG formed his own band in 2001.


Thompson began playing piano at a young age and he has been performing in high school Rock. He released a solo album titled, "Power House".

He spends his time to perform, tour and was active in band Tower Power. At the time he collaborated with Santana on "Beyond Chester co, he and Carlos created the songs" Blues for Salvador ". He also gave inspiration during the recording and the song that won a Grammy Award.

In addition, Chester has also worked with Carlos in the nine songs on the album "Spirits Dancing On meats". Often playing with some famous musicians and groups including Wayne Shorter, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Others, and he continues to play an important role in recording, writing songs and performing with Santana.


Although the Americans, Lee Michaels is a talented player organ dominate the recording. First time playing hard rock on the keyboard rather Than guitar, he began surfing group keluardari Sentinals Organ, and The Strangers. In 1965 in San Francisco Nowhere he joined the "Trees" before embarking on a solo career.

He usually only accompanied by a drummer, B.E. "Frosty" Smith or Joel Larson. Hammond Played his usual hard-technique, aggressive in Her game. He released the album "Carnival", then "Recital" a year later.

On the album, "Fifth" he made a breakthrough through cooperation with Columbia Records and released two albums. After That the album "Saturn Rings" and "Absolute Lee By Lee" which was released in 1996.Now he is retired from the music business, a restaurant in Southern California.

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