Saturday, May 21, 2011

Keyboard Playing Techniques

Playing Position

Sitting position when playing the keyboard needs to be addressed. Correct sitting position is always upright. While the position wrong in playing the piano can lead to quick tired and ended up with a less good game .........
exceptions ............

Hand Position
Hand position in playing the piano with a bent little finger as if holding a ball.
Consider the following picture:

Hand Position Wrong
Cause of finger position to be incorrect

Finger Structure
Code finger on learning piano arrangement can be seen in the picture follows:

Description: (code applies finger to finger or right hand left)

1. Code number 1 for the thumb
2. Code number 2 for the index finger
3. Code number 3 for the middle finger
4. Code number 4 for the ring finger
5. Code number 5 to pinkie

Forms Finger Hand
Round curved (as shown below)

Shape Hand Finger Position Wrong
Playing piano with one finger shapes are not free to lead fingers dance over the keys and disturbing tone quality (sound tone) generated by finger pressure and are also unsightly eye.

How to Suppress Tuts
At the time of pressing the keys with one finger, then another finger (which finger did not press the keys) is not tense but remained in its original form.

* Sample Image Above: pinkie finger pressing the keys, then the other fingers do not tense / not lifted upwards (still in the form of its original position).

Pressing Tuts Wrong
Pressing the keys with one finger while another finger taut and lifted upward.

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