Friday, April 22, 2011

Position of the Body In Drum Playing

Before I discuss the position of the body in playing drums, it would be nice to recognize drum friends first. Especially on the main parts contained in the drum. Articles about the introduction of drums I have ever been discussed. click here to read his article.

Proper body position and correct in playing drums very important to note that each player does not get tired quickly and can be produce good sound.

Sitting Position

Well placed to play the drums, namely the position of the body sit up straight, both hands holding the stick, the left foot stepping on hi-hat pedal and right foot pedal bass drum. Posture relaxed, the range stick to the drum parts are not far away that hands can be easily and freely to hit the parts the drum. See picture.

Hand position in the Holding Stick

In the play a musical instrument drum, how to hold the stick is considered a simple thing, but actually plays a very important role in its use, because in playing this instrument motor sensors on the hands and feet are very dominant. How to hold the stick between right and left hands differ. This is intended to provide the power punches that differ between right and left hand, resulting in a sound with a good variety and harmonization. The position of the hand in holding the stick can be studied in detail as below.

Hold the Stick in His Right Hand 

Stick rod placed / clamped between your index finger and thumb

Then three other fingers holding the stick part rod base
Hold the Stick in His Left Hand

The base stick is clamped between the thumb and index finger

Middle finger and ring finger left hand stick inner rod clamp

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