Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Classifying Types of Keyboard by Function and Ability

Keyboard music instrument. At first glance seem in view of the layman, or even novice musicians, all of the keyboard may seem similar to each other, ie as an electronic musical instrument bertuts are often considered closely related to musical instruments in the field of touch similar structure, namely a piano or organ that had the same keys (keys).

In fact, this is not entirely true, for (hopefully) increase your knowledge (especially the newly acquainted with the world per-instrument-music-notes-an), keyboard itself is different with piano and organ, but this is not discussed in this article, but I will discuss on another occasion in my other article.

In the area of ​​the use of a more professional it is necessary to know and understand the keyboard according to the functions and capabilities. This is especially important considering the price of a keyboard that is not cheap, even much more expensive relative to other instruments.So we use our funds properly, I'll describe a little about the distribution of the types of keyboards.

In general, my keyboard is divided into 3 parts (I call "I share" because this is the classification of my own, so maybe there is classification by others, but I do not think there will be many differences)

> Accompaniment Keyboard
> Digital Piano Keyboard
> Digital Synthesizer and Workstation keyboard

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