Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best Brand of DW Drums



Drum Workshop also known as DW or DW Drum is a drum and hardware manufacturing companies based in Oxnard, California. Their slogan became "The Drummer's Choice". Drum Workshop (DW) was established in 1972. Originally intended for studio teaching by Don Lombardi.

However, Lombardi along with the students (at that time the Senior Executive Vice President) John Good, which originally began operations only a small drum-making equipment which is then sold only to cover the operational costs of teaching facilities. Then the operation was developed so as to create the first DW product: height-adjustable trap seat, which was proposed by Lombardi.

Demand became so great after receiving an offer to buy all of Camco manufacturing equipment. The main focus of the DW into the drum manufacturing operation hardware. DW's Camco origins can still be seen on their drums to their unique today in the tower "tuning lugs" round, designed by George H. Way and originally displayed at the George Way drum.

After this, the next big product introduced by DW was the 5000 series nylon strap bass drum pedal, which is actually a Camco pedal with the DW name placed on it. Pedal soon joined by double bass pedal, spin and basic-cable remote hi-hat stand. After additional growth and expansion, the first full DW endorser was found in Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe after he tried a prototype DW drumset when he came to the store to get his pedals adjusted.

DW founder Don Lombardi sitting beside his son,
Chris, the company’s second-generation president and CEO. 

Founded           : Santa Monica , California , USA (1972) Santa Monica , California , USA (1972)
Headquarters : Oxnard , California , USA Oxnard , California , USA
Key people      : Don Lombardi, Pendiri Don Lombardi, Founder
                            Chris Lombardi, Presiden dan CEO Chris Lombardi, President
                            and CEO John Good, COO
Products        : Drum dan instrumen perkusi Drums and percussion instruments


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