Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Vocals by music encyclopedias can be interpreted as the human voice. In linguistics, vowel vowels is called, it was called because the vowel is a key element in reviving the sounds of language itself. It is certain that a series of letters without vowels, will not bear the sound that matters to the ear. Therefore, later vocal use in live call letters, as well as for the human voice. But, for the letter die in singing still have meaning and are of particular concern in the discussion of articulation or vowel consonant articulation.

Vocal music, it means the work which was sung with vocal music. Commonly called the art of vocal music to sing. Actually, to apply to vocal arts who explore the ins and outs of vowels such as presenters, drama and the MC (master of ceremony). Differences in the art of vocal singing with vocal art of drama is very clear, one musical, one is not musical. For those who have a desire to be an amateur singer, let alone a professional, not enough color only with good sound, but need to have practical knowledge about music, and his knowledge of music theory.

Singing with the well can be learned by every human being, including for those who feel "can not" sing. Although there is a group of people who say "can not" sing that is caused by several things including: deficiencies in the hearing, fear, sense of hearing disability (deaf-mute), vocal cords were damaged, and so forth. But groups of people are only slightly, the rest are a group of people who can improve the quality of her voice with a variety of exercises.

The methods in this book is intended as a lesson that can provide knowledge of how to start singing well, that certainly needs to be accompanied by a lot of practice / practice. Training methods / practices will be reviewed in a simple technique required in the exercise / practice. Students are encouraged to study some books designated to augment training, especially for techniques, etude and pieces of music or song. Besides studying the vocal techniques or sing, must be considered also how to pronounce the words, breathing exercises, beheading sentences, expressions and some other music theory.

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