Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Music Theory

One's musical ability can be detected through its ability to play music. Although music theory is not one of competence demanded in Non-Classical Music Program but is very important kemmapuan controlled and is one of the things that distinguishes between Non-Classical music program students and students who are both able to play music.

Music students are expected to account for the music game theoretically. Please note that we do not get stuck on the theory that high but not applicable and less supportive of his musical game. Music theory is important to realize as a means to facilitate the playing of music.

Ability mastery of music theory is actually deeply embedded in the game of instruments and the need for each instrument is not the same. For example, the theory of music for instruments more on the mastery of drum rhythms, while for the instrument saxophone scales in Ice mastery initially been higher since the beginning of exercise playing techniques have been using Ice Major scales.

As for instruments piano, guitar, and bass that started from the training techniques of the C Major scales. Even for initial training drum instrument playing techniques do not use scales but only the rhythm. But that does not mean that a drummer does not need to have the ability in terms of tone, although the instruments
played not pitched.

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