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History and Types of Guitar

History of Guitar

Guitar is in the body there is a string that extends until it reaches the end of the handle of the tool as well as to determine the tone is one of the musical instruments. This one is a musical instrument played by plucking. Of the passage using the fingers to the strings vibrating sound or noise is also removed.

First appearance on the history of stringed instruments was suspected some historians and music coming from the black continent, Africa. This claim is based as much in the area found a device made of shells and round shaped and box. Where there are holes on the outside of the threads that make noise when shaken.

But there is also an expert opinion first guitar came from Central Asia. The reason is the discovery of the stone reliefs of ancient reliefs in which there is image that also resembles the shape of the guitar in Central Asia.

Furthermore, there is another expert who believes that if this stringed musical instrument derived from the Greek. While subsequent historians say the discovery of evidence from Spain with paintings and relics Renaiassance Medievel that there are the images that resemble musical instruments that are well known.

Types of Guitar

Some kind of guitar is now often played by musicians such as:

1.The Guitar Pick

This type of guitar played through a passage in the strings by using a tool in the form of a pick. Form of this instrument there is a round and square and flat three are made of plastic. But the best is made from turtle shells. The main characteristic of this type of instrument is the strings of six or twelve, seven, and ten.

In the development of this type of guitar pick into the electric type. The shape is more and more and varied. Usually the most widely used for this type of country music, pop music, rock music, etc. and to the accompaniment of music or Gypsy Flamenco dance from Spain.

2.Guitar Acoustic

Acoustic guitar is a musical instrument sound results from vibrations of the strings or strings that flows in the saddle and the bridge on the instrument to tie the strings in the chamber or tube sound.

Then the sound will be done on the field or the resonance guitar body made of special wood. The better use of the wood appears sound quality is also better.

3.Guitar Electric

Electric Guitar is one of the stringed musical instrument that produces sound modern and aggressive. Pickup contained in the body to function to change the sound and vibration of the strings into an electrical current. These electrical currents are then maximized its power by means of an amplifier and loud speaker.

The resulting sound is beyond the coil regions contained in the so-called body guitar with a pick up. The musicians usually like to pick up this change to the electronic system by means of creating a more interesting effect and pleasant to hear by ear.

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