Sunday, December 4, 2011

Types of Human Voice and Respiration

1. Types of Human Voice

Territory or ambitus human voice to sing a song limited to high or low tone. Some are capable of singing in a high voice, there was and there is also are low. Therefore it is necessary to know the limits the human voice, so that in choosing a song can adapted to the abilities. The type and area of ​​sound humans can be divided into:

- A woman's voice, made ​​up of three sounds: soprano, mezzo soprano, alto
- The sound man, consists of three sounds: tenor, baritone, bass
- The sound of children, consisting of two sounds: high, low

2. Respiration

Vital organs that supply air to the lungs voice is. But not many people are using the lung caused by asbestos with efficiently. Interests in terms of distribution and preservation of air for the human body, learn to sing it deserves to be noticed and practiced. Before you can sing well, must first learn to use the air in down the throat. For that in some periods of time have to do breathing exercises in particular. as initial step, a person who will be singing can stand with upright in front of a mirror, where he can see the entire his own body. After that got out of breath as much, then took a deep breath in through your nose so it feels really full. After that breath held between ma a few seconds, slowly all air is removed through mouth by blowing out. Below will be explained about several ways to keep in mind breathing in singing.

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