Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Way Tuning Bass Guitar

Tuning is the process of determining the frequency standard and frequency equalization between the strings on a stringed musical instrument, such as Bass or Guitar. For Bass or Guitar process is done by setting the string tension over the player (tuning machines) in the head (Head) guitar. Standard tuning on a guitar is E-A-D-G-B-e, to obtain a frequency standard can be used as a benchmark example of a tuning fork A or with other instruments. The easiest and most practical to use an Electronic Chromatic Tuner.

A Tune With a Tuning Fork

Tone strings / string A (string 3) under conditions of open strings / no fret is pressed, the tone is equated with a tuning fork A. further A note on the E string (the string 4, fret 5 is pressed) is equated with 3 open strings to strings, strings as well as D (for 2) equated with the tone of D on the A string and so on.


Tune With a Tuner

Connect the output jacks on the bass and turn the tuner input tuner, picking the strings match each tone with a view indicator tuner. In general, the tuner indicator, a lamp LED, or view meter needle.


Tuned by Fine Tuning the Harmonic Tones

The way tuning to fine tuning technique is the technique of equating tone to a string with another string through the passage of loose strings that lightly touched by the finger of the left right above the fret to 5, 7 and 12. for example G strings on the fret to the 5th fret D string along with the 7. two harmonic tones sound simultaneously. When the pitch is not quite right tone audible sound waves (vibrations). Before the string of equated with the other strings, strings to 3 (A) have been equated with the standard tuning (tuning fork, or other).


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  1. Tuning a guitar, either by ear or with an electric tuner, is really important. No matter how good one is able to play the guitar when the instrument is not tuned properly, then the end result is like finger nails against a blackboard! It will become a total disaster. This post you have shared will really benefit both beginners and pros who are still not confident in tuning their own guitar.



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