Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10 Best Female Vocalist Band World!

1. Tarja Turunen - Ex Nightwsih 

Great and Fabulous, only this is supposed to say to this woman from Finland. The quality is crystal clear vocals and high pitched vocals and supported by its very beautiful soprano to be heard. Tarja was joining in a metal band nightwish classmates. If you want to see how hebar vocal qualities of this woman, you just try to listen to the song "the phantom of the opera" from nightwish. At the end of the song, you will hear how the vowel sound in his solo. It's remarkable. Soprano vocals wrapped in metal music.

2. Simone Simons - Epica

Still from the dimensions of metal music, german blooded woman is also to be reckoned with in vocal quality. It is worth holding up the thumb of his voice in a clear, gentle, and also very supportive of physical beauty. Epica is a Dutch metal band from the metal wing. Quality of vocal soprano Simone Simons Epica also can be heard while playing the song "Memory" and the song "The Phantom Agony".

3. Sharon den Adel - Within Tempation

Angel of Metal, Beauty from Underground, the Goddess of Rock, Metal Fairy, That's roughly what is appropriate for describing this beautiful girl?

Beautiful and Gentle Voice, this is the nickname for him. Sharon den Adel is probably the most beautiful of all metal vocalist that exist in this world. Some people had mentioned that the nearest rival Tarja Turunen from nightwish is this woman, but since the departure of Tarja Turunen from nightwish so many people who say that Sharon den adel deserves to be the best. Listen sharon vocals on the song "Jane Doe" from Within tempation.

4. Janet Gardner - Ex Vixen

Janet Gardner is the lead singer of rock group vixen women. Janet was at the time still in the vixen actually had the appearance of a typical female rockers. With her ​​hair style, his vocal style that really ngerock and has a strong power. Privilege it has, especially during live performances is janet can sing even better than the recorded version. 

5. Ann Wilson - Heart

Remember the singer song "All i want to do is the make love to you" from the musical group "heart". Although now he has bodied fat may be a result of age who are not young anymore, but his vocal quality is maintained and able to achieve a squeaky high-pitched tone. Can be listened to during their concert in 2002 in Seattle. They brought the song "Alone", and when he sang the old song "Unchained Melody". Enjoy malignancy in both his vocal on this song. 

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